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She took a hand with a member and bared the head – a member rose.
She looked at me and then began to suck, with a tongue and lips she certainly worked not bad – but not for five points.
God knows – I didn’t think that I’d finish with such a blowjob – but now I’ve come up.

Marina, I’m finishing up now – I said.
She broke off, took my dick in her palm and began to rhythmically podrachivat – substituting the second palm to the head.
I began to cum, right in her palm.
Straight so much that a cup of palm filled and poured on the floor.
Oyy – she said in a tone as if she were naughty.
Yes, everything is fine, I said nothing.
You liked it – she asked, getting up from her knees.
I am yes.
Katya continues) I wanted to change the name of the stories, the old became a bit irrelevant, but so many people wrote to me that they decided not to touch the original)) And so the continuation is passed to your court, and already 10 !!! I was going to go home, after all, and I spent almost a month at the seaside, had a rest mentally.
Much rethought, all the pros and cons.
I understood what real sex is, without which I could not imagine my future existence, although there were a lot of other problems.
But the main thing I am a woman.
real woman.
But in order to buy a ticket, you need to become Sergei again, because your passport, and indeed all the documents I have in this name (((nothing can be done.
especially since I had a cunning plan) because with the documents for the guy, I will be placed in a compartment on the train with three more men))) what you need !!! I had a great desire to seduce men, to flirt.
and of course surrender to them.

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I wanted sex.
reckless like 2 days ago on the beach) I combed my hair in a ponytail, put on a tracksuit and men’s sneakers.
I tried to look like a man.
It didn’t really make me happy, but I had to buy a ticket.
And so I went to the station.
It was hard not to look at the men, I wanted to twist my ass, lick the cups.
what thoughts did not visit me.
having bought a ticket as soon as possible, especially in a compartment where three other places were already occupied) I flew home.
I wanted to get off as soon as possible, I went into the bath and there I fucked myself with an artificial member, sucked it and again in the ass.
there was still residual pain in it.
but the desire to quickly feel again how her male member was hammering was so great that I could barely fight.
The day of departure has come, I dressed like a boy again.
But the top of the bag prepared her most beautiful lingerie and dressing gown.
I went to the station early, to occupy the coupe first) and it all happened) the conductor was a young fellow trainee, I liked him very much, I didn’t have good thoughts in my head) I went into the compartment as I wanted to be the first, closed the door and instantly started change clothes.
put on her white underwear, thong panties, quickly put on make-up, dismissed her hair and again became sexy Katya.
And only I began to wear a short robe, as they knocked on the door.
It was the same conductor, I abruptly removed the robe and opened the door.
His jaw dropped to the floor.
He began to apologize, but I dragged him with a sharp movement into the compartment and dug into his lips.
We started to suck.
He did everything very shyly, but I ran my hand into his pants, felt a good member there.
Then she pulled away from his lips and told me to wait for me tonight.
Then I pushed him out of the compartment and closed the door again) it had begun.
I wore a robe, he barely covered my ass and sat down so that all my tanned legs could be seen.
A minute later my companions came in, they turned out to be men of about 45, Valera, Vasya and Volodya.
Volodya was full and the rest with a small tummy.
Yeshe Anton was about 2 meters tall.
Of course, they were madly overjoyed by such a fellow traveler like me) they frankly devoured me with my eyes, my legs, I

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liked it, but the men themselves didn’t really, expected the best and felt a little sorry. Hidden camera sex bus.

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