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Having fastened the old woman by the legs and by the arms to the chair, the sadist tied the thin straps to the rings on the large lips of his mother and, stretching them to the sides, tied them to the chair.
Taking a large vibrator from the table, he returned to an old woman who was moaning and writhing in lust.
Turning on the vibrator, the man inserted it between his mother’s spread legs and began, mercilessly crushing wrinkled flesh, to move it.

From the excitement, the body of the slaves writhed, and she herself howled softly.
When the convulsions of an approaching orgasm began to shake the body of an old woman, the sadist, under a disgruntled cry of slaves, put it off.
Taking from the table the device connected to the outlet, the man attached one wire to the ring on the clitoris of his mother, and the other, to the large ring on her stretched navel.
Turning on the device, he turned the knob, giving current.
The woman screamed, and, her full body, huddled in a chair under the impact of the current.
The sadist turned off the device, but only to take a vibrator.
The torture lasted for about thirty minutes, the torturer, then brought his elderly mother almost to orgasm, then made her exhausted, unsatisfied flesh writhe under the blows of the current.
The old woman fainted several times, but the sadist revived her again and again, and the torture continued.
Finally, the man felt that while he was having fun with the slave, he himself became excited.
Having untied the half-unfeeling body of his tortured mother, he turned it over on his stomach.
The hands of the victim, he forged behind the headrests of the chair, and, with his “knee-caps,” spread her legs so that the vagina and anus of the old woman protruded from it.
A little smeared excited member, a man went to his crucified mother.

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Having sent his penis into a red, irritated hole, the sadist put his hands on the white, soft thighs of an old woman and crumpled them up severely.
The old woman gasped in pain.
Evil grinning, the man pushed his penis into the vagina of his victim.
From unexpectedness, the woman bent, the heart-rending cry announced the room.
A man’s member rested against something hot and elastic, he really fucked his mother, right into the womb.
After each push, the victim’s body writhed in pain, the old woman screamed and, instinctively, tried to squeeze herself into the chair.
– Nothing, bitch, get used to it! Now, you will always be fucked right in the womb! – Grabbing his mother by the hair at the temples, the man pulled.
The woman screamed from the new pain, and, submitting, with her head thrown back, she bent, submissively exposing her womb.
The owner felt how the body of the uterus began to cover his penis and shrink, and the old woman was already raising her ass.
Pain and lust did their job, his mother was excited, no matter what.
The man doubled the power of jolts.
Finally, the convulsions of an approaching orgasm ran through the legs of the old woman, her uterus, began to slowly shrink, as if pulling out the hammering member.
New feelings like a man, he continued to peck a hot piece of flesh.
The old woman made not a moan, or a scream, and her exhausted body began to shake in orgasm.
The owner almost screamed when his mother’s womb squeezed his cock tightly.
The body

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of an old woman, still shuddering, sprawled helplessly on the chair.
Her uterus, continuing to shrink, absorbed the Master’s sperm.
The man! , pulling down my exhausted mother, tried to memorize his new sensations and feelings.
New sensations, and the process itself, he liked.
Taking out a member of the vagina just fucked the old woman, the man, with a smile, slapped her on the wrinkled bottom.
– It would be so long, the old cow! Come on, come on bitch, try! Sadist began to unfasten an elderly woman from the chair.
Unfastening his hands, he, by the hair, raised his mother’s head from the chair.
The slave slowly came to her senses, her eyes were parted, she hoarsely and breathed heavily, from the corners of dry, bitten lips, the saliva flowed down.
– What, you, nevertheless, stupid beast! Okay, creature, slide to the floor! – This time, on the buttocks of the slaves, there was an imprint of the Master’s palm.
“Okay, old pelvis, stop cooling off.”
Get down from the chair, bitch, and come to me, the creature! Hot naked arab girl belly dance on webcam.

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