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Help you with the baby? – suggested Ksyusha.
No need, – Ira refused with a smile, – That I myself can not cope with the one-and-a-half year old? Ira took me to a special changing table and, having placed exactly in the middle, immediately began to undress.
What is unpleasant in wet sliders? – She smiled gently, – Now I’ll take them off.

Of course there were no underpants under the sliders.
Left in one short T-shirt, barely reaching my navel, I shyly covered myself with my palms between my legs.
No, you just look at it! – Ira laughed, pointing a finger at me.
What are we shy! – Ksyusha, who came up to the table, said with a laugh

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A small child should not hesitate to stand naked, said Ira and gently opened my arms.
As if we hadn’t seen the naked boys before, ”Ksyusha laughed.
So pretty, when standing without panties, – Ira smiled.
Yeah, – agreed the second nurse, – I also can not look at the naked little toddler.
It was too much.
I tried to protest, but it turned out only a loud children’s roar.
What are you crying? – Ira asked me tenderly, – By the way, where did you lose your nipple? Ksyusha went to my bed and returned with a pacifier, without unnecessary words, thrust it into my mouth.
I calmed down right away, – Ira smiled, putting me on my back, – How we like to suck on a nipple.
I also like it, – Ksyusha agreed, – Already smacked her.
Pulling a box with wet baby wipes out from somewhere below, Ira pulled out one and began to wash me.
I shivered unpleasantly because the napkin was cold.
Wash the tummy, – Ira gently sentenced, tickling my abdomen rubbing, – And now, here, lower.
And of course Sasha’s little folds.
Forced to endure the agonizing tickling, I began to fidget on the table, trying to dodge the napkin from Irina.
You seem to want to help me? – Ira turned to Ksyusha, – Can you hold the boy so that he does not fidget? Of course I can, – smiled Ksyusha and stretched my arms and legs.

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Feeling that I could not move, I almost roared at my helplessness.
Thank you, ”said Ira, and again began to wipe my pubis with a cold napkin.
Suddenly, I felt other people’s fingers raise my pussy.
Such a funny little pen, smiled Ksyusha.
Blushing deeply, I thought that I had never been so shy in my life.
Now we are going to clean up Sasha’s pisyunchik, ”said Ira,“ That’s right, from all sides.
Devoting my pussy for almost a minute, Ira took another napkin.
You can let go, ”she said to Ksyusha, and she let go of my arms and legs.
The next second, Ira jerked my legs up with a sharp jerk, pressing my knees to my chest.
Who has a little bag between the legs? She asked jokingly, taking on an unbearably tickling wipe of my scrotum with a wet napkin.
No matter how I tried, I could not dodge Irina napkins.
So she jerks her legs and tries to escape, ”Ksyusha noticed with a laugh.
Let him jerk, – Ira smiled, – I hold him tight.
The boy can’t get away from me.
In a defenseless pose with my legs tucked upside down, there was really nothing left but jerking them in response to the tickling manipulations of the nurse.
Boys do not like being touched there, Ira explained.
For the testicles? – smiled Ksyusha.
Yeah, – Ira nodded and I felt the fingers of others slid over my scrotum, – right here.
The boys behind the testicles are the most ticklish place.
Ira slyly winked at Ksyusha and began to touch gently with cold fingers behind my testicles.
Look how he immediately began to burst out, – she smiled, – And now we touch it here, lower.
The tickling was so unbearably acute that I wanted to write.
What happened? – Ira asked jokingly, continuing to tickle my testicles, – Why do we jerk with our legs? If I were you, I would not tease the boy tickling now, ”said Ksyusha.“ You’ll get enough of what a kakrapuz will put in a trickle. ”
Exactly, – Ira agreed, stopping tickling me, – He also has the “PG” program.
The strange abbreviation was as incomprehensible as everything that happens to me in this terrible laboratory.
Smear child cream? – Ksyusha asked when Ira finished washing me.
But how! – Ira smiled, picking up a small blue tube.
Smearing children’s cream turned out to be even more ticklish than washing.
Ira seemed to be doing everything very slowly, in order to torture me longer.
Observing the procedure, Ksyusha, as usual, giggled and offendedly commented on what was happening.
All red with embarrassment, I could not wait for the girls to finally leave me alone.
What are you doing here? – I suddenly heard a familiar female voice and immediately recognized him – it was the head of the laboratory, Elena Vladimirovna. Hotel hidden cam sex video.

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