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It took about 5 hours.
Christina wandered through the forest and could not get out of there.
Soon she was tired and decided to lie down.

But as soon as she tried to sleep, she heard a noise in the bushes.
Seeing two golden eyes, she thought, “Oh, this is a werewolf.”
She heard his growl, the beast was approaching her, and coming out of the bushes and darkness, she saw a huge 3 meter black wolf.
With her height she reached his paws.
He looked at her intently without taking his eyes off.
The girl was frightened.
This he saw in her eyes.
The werewolf turned on the girl’s fear.
He was the lord.
Christina suddenly rushed from her place and began to run at full speed.
The monster having made one jump blocked the way to Kristina and hit her with her paw to the ground.
Christine fainted.
She woke up in the castle.
Where I am? What happened with me? Calm down, now everything is fine.

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You are safe.
The guy approached her and hugged her a little.
What happened there? I saved you from a werewolf himself? Yes Thank you, you saved my life.
You are so brave.
I hope you are not injured? No, all right, thanks.
How do you feel you are very pale.
Much better thanks.
And so the princess began to live with the prince of the planet Esferio.
3 months have passed.
She wrote to her parent, but did not tell her whereabouts.
She learned a lot and began to realize that every day she fell in love with the prince more and more.
But she did not know how he felt about her.

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She was always afraid to ask him about it.
It was her minus.
The night has come.
For the courage to drink wine, it will be easier for me, although I have never drank such drinks in my life.
But there was no Christine drank 2 bottles of wine and went into the bedroom to the prince.
Can? Yes, of course, Christina, and why you are not sleeping.
It’s late. I don’t want to.
I came to talk to you very seriously. You are drunk.
I think it will be better if we talk when you sober up. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.
She took off her dress.
Troy sat down and looked at her body for a long time.
He was shocked by her deed.
He wanted to argue, but could not do anything.
Her breasts are 2 sizes, these small, pink, protruding nipples.
Her slim figure, long legs, her boobs.
And this elastic ass.
He couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Take me.
I want you for so long.
But but I can not.
This is not how it should be understood. She approached him and covered his lips with his fingers.
Do not need extra words my dear Troy.
Just take me.
I promise you will like it.
She put him on the bed and began to undress.
In the meantime, he touched her chest and waist.
They drove him crazy.
he was very hot.
She felt it too.
They wanted passion.
Christine began to passionately kiss him on the lips.
They kissed for about 10 minutes gently and a little boldly caressing each other with tongues.
She began to kiss his neck, tummy, and finally reached the cherished point.
And for the first time she did it pretty well.
She gently picked up his dick.
She slowly masturbate, then kiss, bite and suck his friend.
Gently caressed the tongue of his head.
He relaxed and lay quietly on the bed.
He was very good.
He began to moan.
Soon, a hot portion of sperm was in her mouth and Christina began to swallow eagerly and lick all his sperm fearing to lose a drop.
He put her on the bed.
He began to gently kiss on the neck.
She was already wet for a long time.
She wanted that.
Her girl asked “Please, I can’t do it anymore.” He licked her swollen nipples with the tongue.
He bit her lips.
He crushed her breasts and in the meantime caressed her tummy lowering each time lower and lower. How to watch online sex.

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