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Staggering, I picked up the robe, looked at them and said.
“Till tomorrow.
“And went to the shower.

“Slam the door behind you.
And, yes, and still the husband will pass away from the flight in three days.
Standing under the shower, I saw the sperm on my chest, collecting it with my finger raised to his mouth and put it on the tongue.
Through the sound of water, I heard the front door slam shut.
Warm water began to wash off my sweat, but, no longer able to wash off my sexual addiction.
Village on the river bank.
A middle-aged couple in a house near the water.
a curtain.
The wife froze standing knee-deep in water, and shyly covering her large breasts with one hand, while the other trying to close the pubis and lower abdomen.
Fishermen swam even closer.
Little Mermaid – turned to her alone – that you were so scared, we should not be afraid.
Their boat froze a meter away from my wife.
And you are a pretty little girl – the other one said, giving my wife an appreciative look – and sisechki tremendous and lyazhechki that is necessary.
From such a compliment, the wife blushed even more and tried harder to cover the whitish hemispheres of her titics sticking out from under her arm.
Well, do not be shy, show us – the third one spoke, taking out his mobile phone from his pocket and starting to shoot his wife on the built-in camera.
Oh, well, no need – my spouse finally gave a vote – no need, please – she said helplessly.
It is necessary, it is necessary – one of the fishermen said cheerfully, deftly jumping into the water and approaching my wife.
A photo for memory – he smiled in a businesslike way, grabbing her behind the ass and standing next to her.
My wife tried to lower her head lower, apparently so that the face did not get into the frame – well, no need – she squeaked plaintively.
The fisherman, meanwhile, was groping for her ass, palm-fingering my fat wife’s naked buttocks.

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What a cool ass – he said, turning to his comrades – soft, soft, just super – he gently slapped his wife on the buttock, causing her ass to sway.
Look how shocked – he grinned, weighing out a new slack slap on her buttock.
Oh, Milan – the fisherman said with a gasp – what a delicious thing you are – he grabbed her in the back under the stomach and lifted lightly.
My wife slightly waving her arms to the side trying to maintain balance and thereby revealing her nudity.
Putting his wife back on his feet, the fisherman was in no hurry to remove his hands and gently stroked my wife on the sides and hips.
She again returned her hands to her charms, carefully shielding herself from the clicks of the camera.
Let’s take your ass sfotkayem – fun offered the fisherman and carefully holding it under the tummy began to turn my wife.
She resignedly resigned and turned her back to the boat.
The men in the boat whistled — oops, what a priest — they enthusiastically spoke, devouring the delicious roundness of Natasha’s priests with their eyes.
Fisherman supporting my wife with one hand under the tummy, the second began to smooth her bare ass, proming pliable flesh.
Just tilt a bit – asked the operator – a peasant with a mobile phone.
The fisherman pressed his hand slightly on the back of my wife and she meekly leaned forward slightly, thereby sticking out her plump ass.
Natasha continued to cover her lower abdomen with her palm and now with her second hand she tried to hold down her massive titties hanging down under her own weight.
The man, continuing to stroke her buttocks, paid more and more attention to the hollow dividing them, leaving her palm there for a long time and trying to hold her rib along it, sinking it deeper between the magnificent halves of Natasha’s ass.
Gradually his strokes became more and more insistent, my wife threw a frightened look mixed with shame at him over her shoulder.
I understood that he was already just stroking his wife’s fingers over the vagina.
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lover-davalku! – good advice) Pretty, well, do not be shy – said the second man from the boat – well, show us.
Natasha was again turned to face the boat, and the fisherman standing nearby was stroking her back and hips.
Only remove the mobile phone – apparently internally, having decided on something, Natasha said.
But why – the owner of the phone said falsely offended.
Oh, yes, my lovely beauty is married – the second one spoke, apparently having noticed a wedding ring covering her pussy on her hand – so we won’t show her husband a photo – he continued – well, we playfully recall cold winter evenings – he said playfully. Husband wife sex hidden cam.

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