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I’ll do it tomorrow – I’ll clean the rest of the urinals! Arkhip stumbled for a moment.
but the next moment, Arkhip’s gaze — hard, menacingly unpleasant — fixed itself on Hare.
– You, salabon! Who gave you the word here? – shouted, exhaled in earnest, Arip.

– Who allowed you to open your mouth? The hare didn’t know how he had let it slip – it broke out of it – this offer to clean the remaining urinals tomorrow, – Arkhip saw the already familiar fear in his eyes and, as if stumbling over this fear – stare at Hares eyes, he suddenly felt that this Hare, this is a salabon, this Dima-Dimon is definitely appealing to him, Arkhip.
and the fact that the Hare now, in fact, stood up for Hose, which was not worth it, and that the Hare, with his unexpectedly sounded voice, kept him, Arhip, from beating, all this could not but testify in favor of the Hare, – Arhip, seeing in the eyes of the Hare, staring at him, an unaccountable fear that had arisen instantly, unwittingly felt a vague, not very clear feeling in my soul, something like a feeling of guilt.
– You did yours – sleep, fuck, go.
run, fuck, from here! – Arkhip vigorously said, exhaled, and the Hare, obediently twitching, immediately hurriedly hurried to the exit – away from sin.
but the ordinary Hare didn’t have time to get out of the toilet – Arkhip suddenly stopped him with the same energetic shout: – Stop! – And, turning his face in the direction of Corporal Koch stepping back – already resting his cold gaze on Koch, more calmly, but from this no less imperiously Archip said: – Listen to me carefully, owner of a big dick. Indian hidden camera sex movies.

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