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Have you tried? I shook my head negatively: – No more.
Maybe today.
Although today I promised to flog.

Tatiana stared at me with a not flashing look: – Something ,.
flog? – Do not wait, this Julia is joking.
Usually ends with the fact that I smack her.
Tatiana knowingly held out: – Aah, I thought I missed something.
Do you like anyway?
I handed her a cigarette and lit it myself: “Tanya, yes, everything is fine with Julia and me,” he continued, “I am surprised at how you work it out there, the girl became just a hurricane.
– I promised everything to settle.
What did it do not matter.
I hope you trust me, – she received an affirmative nod from me, – well, otherwise I also worry about it sometimes.
By the way, our “experiment” helped me in many ways to figure it out.
Without hesitation, I blurted out: – Maybe we will repeat.
You look, let’s open something interesting? She looked at me in a pretentious

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, arrogant and icy voice, saying: “You’ll get by with Mikhail,” and she added, which was a little soft, “Misha, I confess to you, I sometimes miss you.
But now I have George.
– By the way, about Georgia.

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Is it really that serious with him? Tanya closed her eyes and moved to the beat of some music: – Bear, I seem to have fallen in love.
For a long time, however, I had to break him; everything in his head did not leave that evening in the steam room.
He had big psychological problems on the basis of work.
And after that incident, he didn’t fly off the coils.
But everything has stabilized.
– And he knows about our family, what are we friends? “He knows of course,” Tanka’s face was covered with a small shadow, he fears.
Afraid that if we communicate, he will break again.
And most of all he is afraid of Julia.
Yes, the situation: – So what are you going to do? Removing him from our society for a long time does not work, otherwise you will part with him.
– Yes, I know, it infuriates the most.
He is like a stubborn sheep.
I think.
– And how does Julia, by the way, relate to your serious relationship? Tatiana shrugged her shoulders: – Julia loves me and is very glad that a man has appeared in my life, which I care about.
She is also happy that my pussy will be fucked again not only by her fingers.
I just was stunned: – What, and said so? Tanya laughed: – Well, yes, that’s what she said.
Thinking a little, I ventured: – And could you arrange for me to watch your caresses? – I repeat the word, you will manage, – she sighed, – Mish, well, still good.
And this is our personal, do not pout.
– Yes, I do not mind, I understand everything.
You are what if you need help with George, you say.
I liked Georg, I need to join him somehow.
– Okay, I’ll keep it in mind.
Spring came.
More and more warm days pleased both body and soul. Indian sex in live.

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