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And why are you naked, or after yesterday we have a new order at home.
– I just woke up, and you are not there, and scared.

“Mom, don’t worry about everything.”
I returned and put on my bathrobe, washed my face and sat down to breakfast.
– Catch can ask one question? – What mom.
– Long time you, well, lezbi.
– Mom, I do not lezbi, but with the girls I tried.
Mom that you did not like, it seemed to me yesterday you were pleased.
– Cach, you need to look for a husband.
– So I will look, but for now I will be with you and how are you.
“Sense like me?” “How do you get into novels?”
I said nothing.
A month passed another outside in the whole summer.
Our hobbies with a daughter turned into something big, we constantly had sex with her for this we bought a strap-on and fucked each other.
And the other day we were going to visit my brother on the Volga.
But that’s another story.
I’m sorry.
After resting in the country, we had a conversation with Oksana.
As a result, they came to a decision – we sometimes arrange “evenings of rest”, I take part

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in them (active or passive), she does not walk on the side.
I also noticed that when taking a certain portion of alcohol, especially wine, champagne and some cocktails, it loses the ability to control its actions.

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The next case did not happen quite by accident, like the previous ones.
Although, from our (more precisely from my) side, not any active actions were taken.
On the November holidays, we decided to go to rest at the recreation center.
Oksana had a vacation, she was released from work.
I took a few days at my own expense.
The first days were calm, mastered the territory.
We went to the forest for walks.
Slept well.
In the basement found tables for table tennis and billiards.
Began to look in the morning and after dinner there.
If the wife somehow played tennis, then billiards was just a torment for her.
Although I also did not really, but I hit the balls and sometimes even rolled the balls in the pocket.
She could not get to the middle distance and often the balls flew off the table.
She was angry.
I explained to her how to beat.
All the same, she did not succeed, but I did not leave the attempt, nevertheless, to teach her to play.
On the fourth day we decided to visit the disco in the evening, the more it was our last evening here.
Disco was located in the basement.
After dancing a little, I told my wife that I would go to the bar and get us something to drink.
She nodded in agreement and continued to dance.
The bar was an ordinary buffet, with appropriate service and assortment.
Having poured some wine and Oksana, he went back.
It was difficult to find her among the dancers in the dark, and I stood against the wall not far from the entrance doors.
After a while, she appeared, gulped down the wine, went to dance again, dragging me along. Jasmine sex live.

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