Kiss bongacams.

Kiss bongacams.
I was the first to go to the shower, washed away the sweat and dust of the street heat, and went into the living room, where a table with cold snacks was laid.
They banged a stack of vodka with Diman and began to talk about past affairs, about work, about children, about women.
As if they had met for the last time not a few years ago, but only yesterday, on Friday, they were buzzing at the club.

Diman in general has not changed, or for my point of view it remains the same – a joker and party-goer.
Irka was prettier, added femininity, manners became more graceful and graceful.
I regularly lingered on her figure, she noticed it and the mischievous sparkles lit up in her eyes.
Dimka and Irina were not only acquaintances or friends for me.
They were supporters of a free sex relationship, and it was they who dragged me to bed.
For some time they taught me group sex lessons, to be more specific, Diman and I roasted his magnificent little wife in all planes.
It happened sporadically, it didn’t pour into any psychological dramas and everyone was happy. Kiss bongacams.

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