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Korean model selling sex caught on hidden cam.
You have no idea how he started molesting me, begging me to at least give him a lick, and he jerks himself off.
And I am in the same spirit: “I will give you, masturbate! You will not touch my dick again!”
Tied his hands behind his back, and he did not resist, but obediently started his hands behind his back and held him so that it was more convenient for me to tie him.

Then I allowed him to lick myself, and he got up with his tongue such that I couldn’t even imagine that he could do that! Virtuoso fucking! And he begged me all the time for me to allow myself to enter, but I didn’t enter into any.
When I had already finished several times, I pushed him away from me with my foot: “Fuck off, tired!”.
Turned off the light and went to bed.
He tried to beg me to untie his hands, but I answered him: “If you do not stop whining, I will drive you out of bed, you will sleep on a rug!”.
In the morning I woke up from the fact that he sucks my toes on my legs, and when I opened my eyes, the first thing I heard from him was: “God, how I love you.
You’re driving me crazy, I never thought you could be like that.
He did not know! Yes, I myself did not know that you can behave like this, humiliate and beat your husband, and he will even kiss your feet for this, and confess your love.
and at the same time his dick will be a stake! I untied his hands, he ran into the kitchen, cooked croutons with coffee, brought me to bed.
Yes, he did not even behave like that on his first wedding night.
And you know, I liked it so much. Korean model selling sex caught on hidden cam.

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