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I got up, walked over to Maxim Alexandrovich and sat down on his penis.
Honestly, I began to like to fuck like that.
I slightly put aside the ass in which Vasily Alexandrovich inserted a member.


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began to move, trying to climb high in order to eat pussy and ass on the heads of members.
Then Mikhail Ivanovich approached us and I readily took his dick in my mouth and began to suck.
The men pinched my breasts, crushed my buttocks, beat my nipples lightly.
I liked what I was doing and I began to moan.
I felt like they were ending up in my anus again.
I moved faster.
When Vasily Alexandrovich finished, he took out his penis and thrust his fingers in the same way so that the sperm would not leak out.
Then Mikhail Ivanovich took the member out of his mouth, came up behind him and quickly put the member in the ass.
So I fucked two men until they finished.
They finished almost at the same time.
I started to get up, but I was seated back and stuck his penis only from the ass.
From there immediately flowed sperm, it was collected in a glass, and the remains smeared on the back.
Then Vasily Alexandrovich came up and said: – Men, would you like a beer? – We want, we want.
Just let us treat our girl.
– Come on, get up.
I started to get up from my penis, quickly putting my palm to my pussy.
However, Vasily Alexandrovich turned me to his face and began to insert a bottle of beer into my pussy.
He began to shove her deep, it hurt me, t.
put it bottom to neck sticking out.
Then they brought me to the chair and sat me down.
I had to sit with my legs wide apart and lifting my ass so that it would not hurt so much.
Then the men came up to me with glasses and opened a bottle of beer, which was in my pussy.

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Part of the beer flowed right to my pussy.
I was told to try to pour beer in glasses.
I began to tilt my ass a little so that the beer would flow into the glass, etc.
filled all three.
There was little beer left in the bottle, then Vasiliy Aleksandrovich took out a bottle of vodka and a part poured it into it.
Then poured out the sperm from the glass.
When the glass was the last drop, he abruptly pulled the bottle out of his pussy and shook it.
I got up and he put the neck of the bottle in my pussy and part of the sperm from it flowed into the bottle.
When sperm almost all flowed out, he gave me a bottle and ordered her to drink it all.
I began to drink.
The mixture burned my throat, but I also felt the sweetish taste of semen.
Men sat and watched as I drank, but at this time the remnants of sperm gradually flowed out of their asses and pussies and droplets ran down their legs.
I drank and decided to put the bottle on the table.
When I began to walk, I realized that I could not bring my legs completely together, that the holes in my pussy and ass were huge.
The men laughed and said: – Lie on the table and fuck yourself with a bottle in your pussy and ass.
She looks better there than on the table.
I lay down on the table and began to shove a bottle in my pussy.
At this time, Mikhail Ivanovich approached and began to stick the second bottle in the ass.
I suddenly felt very drunk.
I began to fuck myself with bottles, trying to shove them deeper.
I got up, spread my legs wide and put the bottle in my pussy as deep as I could.
Then she put another and began to sit on her ass.
The men sighed approvingly and ordered them to approach them without taking out the bottles.
I climbed off the table, holding the bottles with my hand and walked over to them.
She knelt and began to suck their members in turn.
Mikhail Ivanovich fell in behind and began to help me shove the bottle in my pussy.
He began to push my pussy with my hands and put the bottle so deep that even if I got up, it would not fall out.
He began to do the same with my ass, and then said: – Her pussy is more razdolbaney.
Apparently fucking you, girl, with just anyone.
He put his dick in my ass and began to fuck me.
In my mouth they tried to shove two members at once, which was successfully passed.
I sucked dicks with great pleasure while moving my ass.
Then they turned me over and I lay on my back on the carpet.
Pushing a little bottle in my pussy, Mikhail Ivanovich raised my legs and put my cock in the ass again.
Two others began to thrust their members into my mouth. Korean models selling sex caught on hidden cam.

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