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Of course, I have never seen anything like it in my life.
And I would hardly have seen it if it were not for this incident.
Mere mortals in such villages entrance was ordered.

But now – from pride I was bursting with my chest – I was not a mere mortal.
I became a full-fledged member of the “New Russians” family for a whole week.
Well, here we are, ”said Anna Sergeyevna, parked the car at the three-storey mansion.
Compared with most of the palaces and nobleman estates of the village, the house was relatively small and markedly different from other mansions by its architecture in the style of “modern” with an abundance of glass and stainless steel.
Fully transparent glass elevator was exterior, as in expensive hotels.
We took the elevator to the second floor and Anna Sergeyevna headed towards one of the doors in the corridor.
Surprise! – She smiled, unlocking the door with a key.
So that’s why this door was locked all week! – Natasha guessed, passing for the mother in the room.
Wow! – Alyona was amazed, she followed behind me in her arms, – And when did you, mother, manage to turn this room into a nursery? Besides, secretly from us, ”added Natasha,“ I didn’t guess anything at all.
Look, Natashka, – Alena pulled her sister’s sleeve, – Even children’s wallpapers.
Yeah, such funny wallpapers with bears and bunnies, – Natasha smiled, – A curtain with stars and a month.
And the ceiling.
in general, how the sky is painted.
Well, like it? – Anna Sergeevna asked with a smile, – I wanted to make you a surprise.
Thank you, mom, – thanked Alena, – Such a cool children’s room.
Now I will show you everything, ”said Anna Sergeyevna,“ There, in the corner, is a bed, this is a changing table, and playing with a child is best in the arena.
And how many toys in this arena! – Alena was amazed by the hand.
I decided to buy more, – said Anna Sergeyevna, – So that our baby should not be bored.

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We won’t let Sasha get bored! – smiled Alena.
Quite the contrary, – Natasha corrected her sister, – He will not let us be bored.
Everyone laughed.
Now I will show you something else, ”said Anna Sergeyevna to her daughters, opening the door to the adjacent room.
Oh, and how did you change the bathroom! – Natasha was surprised.
An adult bath for such a small one doesn’t need anything, ”explained Anna Sergeyevna.“ Therefore, I asked the jacuzzi to cover the wooden floor.
When you bathe, just put up this baby bath.
Or a big basin – it hangs on the wall.
So it is actually more convenient to bathe than in the bath, ”Natasha agreed,“ No need to bend down. ”
Having shown her daughters where everything is, Anna Sergeyevna playfully wished them good luck and left the bathroom.
Returning to the children’s room, Alena put me in the playpen.
I immediately began to study the toys scattered there.
The girls, meanwhile, dragged two familiar bags into the room and began to lay out baby supplies on the changing table.
Let’s try on the toddler’s clothes that we bought for him in the Children’s World, ”unexpectedly suggested Natasha.
Come on! – Alena happily agreed, – Now I will put Sasha on the changing table.
There it is most convenient to mess around with the baby Alena took me to the changing table and immediately began to undress.
Being naked, I shyly covered myself between my legs.
Are you embarrassed again, you little fool? – Alena laughed, breaking my arms, – Did you see, Natashka, how did he cover himself? I’m going to die with this toddler with laughter! Natasha picked up one of the T-shirts bought for me.
Well? – she looked at her sister – I propose to start here with these tights and T-shirts.
Quickly putting on my shirt, Natasha began to pull on my tights with a funny pattern.
What a pretty one! – She smiled, wearing me pantyhose, – Say, blue shirt is very suitable for these pantyhose.
This one will also work, – said Alena, putting another jersey to my chest, – And she will also look good with these pants.
Alyona quickly dressed me in the

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chosen clothes and stepping back a couple of steps back, looked at her evaluatively from head to toe.
Well, what can you say? She asked her sister.
Not bad either, ”Natasha nodded.“ Now let’s get the baby dressed for more. ”
Here in this yellow shirt and brown shorts.
“I would wear white tights for them,” added Alena.
Let’s do that, ”Natasha smiled, pulling white tights out of a pile of clothes.
The girls continued to dress me up like a doll in different clothes for another fifteen minutes.
I slowly began to get nervous, because I wanted more and more in a small way.
And what if you replace these little yellow sliders with blue ones? – asked elder sister Alena, – I think they, too, will look good with a light green T-shirt. Live chat sex arab.

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