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I think we will do everything without incident? – Katya smiled, taking out a wand for smear from a glass jar, – Really, Kolya? If you want to crap, better tell me now, so that it does not work out, as with Alyosha.
“I don’t want,” answered Kolya, offended. “Look at me,” Katya joked and shook Kohl with a finger, “We are being punished for deceivers.”
Katya quickly pulled Kolya up her legs and unceremoniously stuck a wand into his ass.

Well that’s all! – She announced after a couple of seconds, pulling the wand out, – I did not even have time to get scared.
Throwing a cotton swab into a test tube, the nurse picked up a small plastic jar from the table.
And now urine analysis, – declared Katya, – Are you writing for me in a jar? Live indian free sex.

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