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I hold in my hands the eggs of others (not chicken ones).
They seemed so big and cool.
I, holding them with both hands and remembering the caution and tenderness necessary when dealing with these objects, began to gently stroke these treasures that fell into my hands with my fingertips.

The roughness of wrinkled skin, surrounded by a light down of soft hair, attracted me.
I wanted to stroke and stroke them.
But there was something that was distracting — as I went through the testicles, I now and again felt elasticity, even more likely the firmness of the foundation to which they were attached.
Slightly going through the testicles, I began to feel this hardness, which went up.
Leaving one hand to touch and stroke the testicles, I directed the other to research upwards.
And when the fingers, feeling the firm flesh with their pads, walked through a small area covered with soft hair, touched the bare skin of the penis, I felt how hot and tender it was.
Stroking this skin of another member, I felt such excitement, as if it was stroking and caressing me.
I wanted to stroke and stroke this body, to give it pleasure.
Stroking the delicate skin, I began to “climb” upwards, slowly spreading my fingers, trying to cover this thick and hard organ.

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It was hot and smooth, startled and pulsed in my hand.
It was so nice to feel his power that I wanted to see this miracle.
But since it was impossible to see him from below, I stroked everything that came my way and pulled both hands out of Sasha’s bottoms.
In his questioning look, I asked with a voice that sank with excitement.
“Let’s take them off!” Sasha nodded.
When I, taking hold of the upper gum, slightly pulled off the bottoms and lowered them, a dark even thick member opened to my gaze, adorned with a bright red head freed from the skin.
The size of it struck me.
Compared to mine, this member was a real monster.
thick and long with my arm to the elbow.
I stopped, fascinated, holding my breath, admiring this giant, but Sasha at this moment had slightly different needs than the exhibitionism in front of me.
He grunted.
“What is frozen?”, Quickly stood in front of me and lowered the melting to the knees.
When he straightened up, his dick was right in front of my face.
This pretty purple head was aimed right at my face.

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fascinated by looking at the trembling organ, ran my hands down my legs, lowering my underpants to my ankles.
I had to bend over slightly, helping Sasha to take off the swimming trunks from his feet, and therefore when Sasha stepped in, his cock swayed slightly and ran his hot head over my cheek.
I was surprised at the velvety touch.
Scorching hot tender skin was pleasant.
Slightly embarrassed by such an unusual action, I pulled away, and Sasha, now completely naked, sat back in his chair, spread his legs and beckoned me with his finger. Live sex ebony.

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