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This should not be forgotten.
Soon this young girl will become for him both his wife and queen and goddess at the same time.
N-Gona carefully raised his queen in his arms and carried her to the bed.

He laid her on his back and after, squeezing both ankles Belit, spread the girl’s legs wide apart.
But the warrior did not take possession of her immediately.
At first, there was a hot, sweet whirlwind of kisses all over his body, which made Belit groan and bend with pleasure.
N-Gona’s black thick lips walked around her neck and shoulders, then came the turn of tight full breasts and dark brown nipples, which the black not only passionately licked, but also gently nibbled, forcing the girl to scream and twitch in the delightful sensations of a nervous-pulsating delight, running from the nipples down to a moist, appealingly ajar “shell.”
Further, the lips of the negro made a pleasant journey down the belly of Belit and got to her smoothly shaved pubis.
Hot, passionate breath doused the girl’s lower abdomen and her tired little hole responded to this with the release of a new portion of vaginal juice.
N-Gona pressed his mouth to the coveted source.
Belit was all frozen, forgot how to breathe.
His lips and tongue were playing with her lips, leaning between them, pulling, sweetly tickling the hillock projecting above the entrance to the crack.
The young shemitka squeezed her eyes from pleasure, a stifled moan escaped from her chest.
N-Gona first stood up, and then loomed over her.
He was huge and beautiful, the muscles beneath his ebony, glossy, shiny skin stood out clearly – a magnificent representative of the black race, he was finally ready to master it. Live sex video free watch.

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