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Zlata enjoyed a secure and completely carefree life, taking for granted her bedding and other duties to the patron.
She and her husband traveled regularly, secretly rejoicing in temporary freedom from the custody of their father.
Young graduated from high school, life went on.

Zlata confidently drove an expensive foreign car (she chose a crossover), as promised.
And fully deserved by her.
She did not remember when she began to pay attention to the new employee of the city hall.
Maybe he was not so new and came no later than her, but they somehow did not encounter work.
Imperceptibly, she began to catch his eyes on him, he smiled at the meeting, nodded affably, greeting, and gradually she got used to his attention and for the first time sincerely smiled at him.
He was an employee of another department, headed by a very nasty chief.
With whom, by the way, was the friend of K.
Medium height, sporty-strong, good-looking, promising, not married – the girl learned the last while listening to the replies of the female employees. Live tv sex cam.

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