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How cute! – Better say thank you, I finished in your mouth, and not on clothes.
How would you go home? – Well.
– Linda-chan hesitated and looked away.

– You should be grateful to me that I thought about it.
– Sorry.
“So what, little bitch?” – I stretched out with the same mockery, seeing how she flinched.
– Still want to go somewhere with me? – Not.
“I wish it would,” I praised her.
“But you see, what the matter is.”
I looked down at the member and grinned nervously.
Despite this long blowjob and violent orgasm, he stood again, and only Linda-chan, who was sitting in front of me, was to blame for this.
She looked at me, and in her eyes flashed some horror.
She probably expected to see anything except a new erection! And from this, a wave of tremor swept through my body.
“And now why don’t you admire the views too?” Linda-chan wanted to jump, but, as usual, made it so sluggish that I immediately grabbed it and threw it on the fence, tilting it roughly.
Breast she fell on the stone railing, and her young, but very plump ass immediately seductively swung in front of me.
Not letting her come to her senses, I lifted her skirt and pulled down the striped panties.
Immediately launched a hand right into her little pussy.
She was so wet that she simply could not believe that all this was against her will.
But as soon as I took it more seriously, she immediately sullenly depraved.
“What, Linda-chan, do you like to be raped by fat dicks?” – Not! She cried and moaned.
– But I should not lie.
Little bitches like you always flow, it is worth how to fuck their mouths.

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Linda-chan tried to argue something, but only helplessly choked moans.
I roughly fucked her pussy, unceremoniously stretching her and shoving two fingers at once.
And when the third joined them, tears slid down her cheeks.
But I did not believe them.
The bitch flowed in such a way that she could not but enjoy it.
Anyway, who is she to object to me? I wanted to fuck her properly and warmly warmed her body.
I liked to feel the quivering flesh on my fingertips, and how she squished at the same time! “Amy-san, please!”
– Linda-chan begged.
– You wanted to say, “Fuck me”? – I grinned.
– Yes, easily! –

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Amy-san! But I did not listen to her.
Just slapped from the heart on the ass, roughly took her hips and hastily touched her vagina.
Her lower lips were as pleasant as the upper ones, and I froze for a moment, enjoying their warmth.
Linda-chan turned around, looking at me helplessly, and I just winked and immediately entered.
Not that I was in a hurry, but as soon as the head touched her pussy, the thighs themselves moved, literally plunging a thick dick into young flesh.
“And now, Linda-chan,” I whispered passionately, sliding my fingers over her tail, smeared with juice, “just relax and enjoy the views.”
I do not know how much time has passed, but I still did not hurry anywhere.
Shaking my hips, I enjoyed every inch of tight pussy.
Linda-chan was beneath me, standing, spreading her legs, and heroically holding back moans.
At first, she tried with all her appearance to show that she did not like it, but I was patient and just fucked her slowly.
Every minute she flowed more and more, resisted more and more desperately, but I was indifferent to her struggle.
Her narrow pussy so nicely squeezed a member, I felt every fold of her vagina and reached the uterus, that everything else was not important.
A couple of times she tried to escape, but I never let the girls fucked.
Therefore, having suffered another defeat, she broke down and just swam down the stream.
Now she was in some kind of trance, swaying in the rhythm of the movements of my penis and gliding aimlessly around the neighborhood.
She still had the will to hold back the moans, but it was just stronger than her.
In the end, we were on the street, and anyone could see how her fucked. Livejasmin free teasers.

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