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Her father pulled away from her lips, and she gasped breath, immediately exhaling him in the form of a moan.
– Lord, how painful! – she involuntarily began to cry.
– Be patient, now pass.

Her father lay on her, not moving, caressing her chest, giving her time to get used to the new sensations and soon waves of excitement swept over her again.
“God, my own father fucks me, and I do not resist him.
Because I want him to fuck me.
Because I like it.
Because I am a good girl and I will listen to my daddy.
After all, dad wants only good for me. ”
– From these thoughts she started up even more, and she threw back her ass to meet her father, as if to say: “Well, what are you.
Go fuck me. ”
Her father began to slowly move her hips, and the big cudgel inside her stirred, bringing unprecedented pleasure.
Her daughter moaned and squirmed under her

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father, moving away from his exorbitantly large member for her, then, throwing herself to meet him and cry out from pain and pleasure piercing her body.
Soon the father’s movements quickened, and the daughter went into a sweet cry, experiencing the first real orgasm in her life.
He seemed to have blinded her with a flash, she was lost in time and space, completely out of control.
Her whole body was one continuous point of pleasure, and she swam in nirvana.
She came to herself at that moment when she felt her father tremble and in the depths of her body, like a fountain broke out.
Tight jets filled it all to the brim, flooded the vagina and uterus.
The father slowly took out his penis from his daughter’s vagina, and the streams of his sperm flowed onto the sheets, mixing with the juices of his daughter.
Breathing heavily, he lay down next to her, kissed her lips.
– It was wonderful.
The daughter in response weakly smiled a tired smile and rested her cheek on his shoulder.

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They lay for a long time without moving, again and again experiencing what happened between them, then the daughter asked: – Will you still come caress me? – Did you like it? – Yes.
I want you to always come to me before bedtime and caress me.
– What about mom? – And we think of something.
You have such a big dick.
My daughter put her hand on her father’s dick and squeezed it slightly.
– You could break me.
– I told you about it.
“I want you anyway.”
You will be my man.
After you, I do not want anyone else.
And what did you say about my ass? – That I will fuck you in the ass.
This is also nice.
– And you fuck me in the ass with his huge member? – Yes.
– You will tear my whole ass.
– We’ll have to suffer.
You promised to be an obedient girl.
– I’ll be her dad.
Only you fulfill my request.
Do not leave me.
Still, mom is an adult experienced woman, and I’m still a girl.
– What are you, daughter.
You are the sweetest for me.
Until you tell me, I will not leave you.
– Thank you, dad.
The daughter squeezed his father’s excited by talking.
– Do you want me again? – Yes.
Lie back.
Your dad caresses you.
The daughter obediently lay on her back, spreading arms and legs to the sides, said: – I am waiting for you, papa.
Chapter 1.
Enraged, Elvira walked purposefully and widely into the northern, furthest corner of the village.
Behind her, like a dinghy in tow, hung a depressed nephew Igor.
From time to time he tried to slow down the movement, pulling his hand out of his aunt, but she was determined to resolutely and with a sharp jerk she suppressed any attempts at rebellion.
Near the cottage of red brick the couple stopped.
The boy was recovering his breath, after a race for a leggy aunt and looked around.
The house was nothing special, but it stood alone and was surrounded by a high, deaf fence behind which was visible a small grove and tiled roofs of some summer buildings.
What the aunt said to the intercom and that she had not been heard from by Igor, but the strong oak door in the wall opened and the fair-haired girl of about fifteen waved her hand invitingly.
Aunt dragged her nephew inside.
A short run on the paved walkway, stone steps, a long dim corridor, bronze lamps on the wall, mirrors – all this was perceived by Igor vaguely.
The girl, wrapping herself in a wool sweater for a couple of sizes larger than necessary, poked her majestically with her index finger at the side door and, without looking around, retired about her business.
“And nothing like that, she has a walk like a boat in the sea.
“- the boy managed to think before he found himself in a spacious bright room in front of a brunette in a white doctor’s dressing gown, about forty years old, sitting in a chair near the table. Old webcam sex.

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