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Shaking with excitement, I began to question her.
“So how did this happen?”
We met by chance.

Peter was a cheerful, talkative guy.
After a couple of days I decided to invite him to us.
My wife was at work and Peter and I took the knives in our hands and started cooking.
In between drinking a glass.
We cooked a great pizza.
By evening, my wife returned and I introduced them.
After a couple of hours, we sat in the kitchen and merrily drank wine.
The friendship continued, but for a couple of weeks I noticed that Peter was paying more and more attention to my wife and she was responding in the same way.
Knowing my lustful wife, I already realized that sooner or later they would get laid.
At the weekend, they promised heat and I decided to invite them to the lake to spend the day.

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The day was beautiful, and the sun pushed people into the water to cool off.
I chose a beach where there are more people and we settled down in the place that I chose.
I chose a higher place so that I could observe what was happening around.
I enjoyed the weather, naked bodies and especially Nata and Peter.
Wine did the trick.
Every now and then I poured them some wine and pushed toast.
The little girl quickly sat down and under the influence of alcohol and our compliments became playful.
I pushed Peter to flirt with my wife.
By the end of the day we were playing out so that I was already pleased with my actions.
The wife and Peter were already so close that it would have been possible to say if they were left on the dress, then they would immediately pounce on each other.

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It was already getting dark and we headed for the car.
On the way to the ditch I got to overcome the moat and I gathered all the things in my arms and said to Peter to help my wife overcome the moat.
He gladly began to help the tipsy Nate.
When to help get out of the ditch, Peter did not pull his wife and began to push from the bottom.
I noticed that with one hand he penetrated under the dress of his wife and pushed her.
I knew that Nata was in one dress at that moment.
Overcoming the moat, we found ourselves in the car.
I asked Nate to put them in the trunk.
Both of them are happy to take a swing with my hands and put them in the trunk.
As soon as my hands were free, I declared that my keys were left in the bag which is in the farthest corner of the trunk.
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