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My banana stuck out from these manipulations, which, according to Anton, prevented him from imagining how and what to do.
In the end, he offered to suck at the same time to each other, for which we went with a jack.
Anton all the time squeezed the halves of my priests, trying to touch the hole with my fingers.

We quickly brought each other to the top of pleasure.
At the same time I almost choked.

Anton has never had such a lot of malabs.
For the next week we almost didn’t manage to be alone with each other, because we had to spend days weeding potatoes in the garden.
Even Vika and Sveta asked my grandmother to help us.
And she spent all the time with us in the garden, when she had such an opportunity.
She let us go only in the evening to go to the river to swim.
In such circumstances, I was looking forward to Thursday, to be alone with Anton again.
Finally, this endless week is over.
Another Thursday came when we could spend the night in the hayloft again.
– Listen, Vitka! Do you want me to show you the best way today?

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After him, such a thrill you catch that you don’t want a different jerk.
– Of course I want! – Only you need to take Vaseline from a grandmother from a jar.
– This is which she smears cow tits? – Well yes.
Go, collect a full box, – he gives me an empty box from under the matches, – and I’ll go while I go to Andryukha.
I need to talk to him.
Anton is gone.
As a partisan, I sneak into the barn, fearing that my grandmother would go out into the yard.
No one noticed, I get to the treasured jar.
Dasha’s cow is sluggishly chewing grass while I quietly walk around her.
Finger scoop up a viscous substance and cram full boxes in less than a couple of minutes.
I even smear irregularities from my fingers, so that nothing is noticeable that something has left the bank.
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