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Vlad is behind her, throwing off her swimming trunks.
But she frankly ignored him, just turned her back on him and washed, Vlad closed the door, catch a glimpse of me.
And I had nothing more to see, I walked right up to the booth.

In the booth, my mother repeated, cursing Vlad, so that he would lag behind her, but almost immediately there were heard slaps about her mother’s ass.
Mom was trying to explain Vlad there, but he was already fighting for cancer with her.

The guy waited in the wings.
And she, having quarreled for a minute, subsided and sighed.
I stood and listened under the door.
In the hall behind the pool, Seryoga’s loud laughter and the girls were heard, seeing them there was not bad either.
Suddenly, my mother turned to Vlad in a completely different normal tone: – Vladislav, wait for me to hurt – “Well, I will be more careful,” said Vlad.
Still, I thought, such a balda.
– No, it’s not because of you, something hurts me there – in a normal tone, asking, my mother said.
“I see,” Vlad said calmly.

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“Get on your haunches,” he added.
And behind the door I heard the slaps of the dick beating on the tits, and then, a little later, the sounds of the constantly choking mother.
I didn’t listen any further, Max came out and we went to Seryoga with the girls.
Ten minutes later, out of the shower, mother came out with a contented Vlad and went to us, and mother did not even think about the sheet, and went with bare boobs, in her underpants.
Then we all sat together and just booze.
Girls with bare boobs, in shorts alone, mom, too, and we are in shorts, although if someone suggested to remove everything, I think that no one would refuse.
Then mom with Vlad about something there lively argued, so nothing.
And Vlad, unable to argue with her, just jumped onto the sofa with his feet and gave it to everyone in her mouth, mom laughing and blushing wildly in front of the girls, of course, she took it all amused.
Paradise island nassau webcam.

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