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I did not hold back from such a beautiful view and finished on her stomach.
She looked at me strangely, took all the sperm in her hand, licked her and said.
– “Well, what did you do brute?” I said nothing.

And she continued to scold me, but suddenly I saw that her hand was a masiuret, something between her legs.
When I saw it, my dick began to get up again and of course she noticed it, immediately stopped talking and started massaging with her hand faster then she curled up in convulsions and after that she approached me.
She pushed me on the shelf and took my dick in her mouth.
I was on the 7th heaven with happiness and could not believe that a mature woman gives me a blowjob.
I almost finished, but she stopped and took the dick out of her mouth.
She pushed me to lay on my back and she sat on top of me, and put my hands on my dusty chest, and then suddenly I felt something warm and sticky on my penis.
I saw that my aunt sat her piss on my dick.
my balls were ready to burst from such tension, because I didn’t want to stop right away, I wanted to stay inside her longer.
A minute later, I didn’t restrain because the tetina started to shrink and she again convulsed, and I poured out all the liquid that had accumulated in my eggs.
She sprawled out on me with her curvaceous forms and we lay like this for about 5 minutes, but then I felt that the member rose again.
Aunt asked me to get up and took my dick in my mouth and started slightly elevating to do me a blowjob, I did not stay long.
and began to spew his seed in her mouth on her face and chest.

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She smeared all the sperm on the body and kicked me out of the bath.
I did not dress, wrapped myself in a towel and ran into the house, and lay thinking about what had happened.
For the rest of the week, my aunt and I had sex in the evenings.
She became my first woman who taught me everything she knew.
My name is Karina, I am 24 years old.
Two cases happened with smoy, about which I can not tell anyone, and the language itches.
I’ll start with the story about my sister.
Nastya is two years older than me, a very simpotichnaya girl, building with a beautiful breasts of the third size aspiring in the fourth.
So you want to touch, squeeze, kiss.
It was always like this, why can not I answer.
Maybe something leysbiyskoe in me? My sister has been dancing all her life, first at school for 11 years, then at the institute another 5, this I say to the fact that looking at her dances, the guys get up, and for example, she flows.
Once we were at a dacha, in the evening we gathered with friends away from the village to fry kebabs, respectively, drank a little, and maybe a lot.
I wanted to dance) The boys drove closer to the car, put them in a circle, turned on the emergency gang, which became light-music, someone opened the

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trunk with the subwoofer and the party began.
First we danced in the center of all this, then Nastya and I climbed onto the trunk of one of the cars, began to play the fool and play lesbians in the dance.
Jokes jokes, and we started to get excited.
When I heard that Nastia was whispering to me, I want to kiss you, I didn’t immediately understand what she meant and blurted out “who does not give, kiss.”
At first timidly, and then, as it should be with the tongue, she kissed me.
It was a shock !!! Suddenly, someone will see!? What will they say !? These thoughts I voiced.
She jumped off the car herself, then pulled me off and told everyone that we were “signed up”, we moved 20 meters away.
There, confident that we were not visible, we kissed like crazy, unbuttoned each other’s jeans, we caressed the clits, thrust our fingers inside.
The sister was so supple, so wet.
so sweet.
I began to pull off her jeans, panties, bent her and began to lick, sucking her fucked her fingers.
The poor thing wanted to moan, yell and scratch of pleasure. Pornvideo webcam show loralizaboy.

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