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And on the contrary, no tears, rather, I already began to embody all his desires and without him at all.
And I like everything, everything, everything !!! And here’s what else – I used to keep order in the department before – I controlled delays in our department.
And now, now – I sleep blissfully, right up to 10 hours.

And I do not just sleep, but with the first rays of the sun I turn my whole body to show to those guys who are located in the windows opposite.
Wednesday, mid-week – lying in bed; and I can continue to roll.
Yes, it is lowering the belly, but I’m happy.
Turn on the phone.
SMS from her husband: Thank you, my love, for the holiday that you gave me! I am happy that you and I will have a luxurious future life.
And a “HUGE bouquet of ROSES” smiley – I answered: “come faster, darling”.
And next to SMS from my beloved gentleman: “I love you – Olga.
I love to look at you during group sex. ”
Well, damn, at the same time recognition !!! Either you need to hide your enthusiastic desires for sex from

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everyone, then from all sides you admire that they like to see me in group orgies. ”
The next SMS from the Genes: “I’m waiting for both the brains and the pussy — and then you’ll carry it faster”.
I had to go out of nirvana.
I go out into the corridor, close my door and, as it is, I ring the doorbell to a neighbor.
His door opens with lightning speed – and oh God, he, just like me, boldly goes out into the corridor and has a cup of coffee and a BARE with a member TORCHING at the ready.
Offers both a cigarette and coffee.
I was delighted with both expressiveness and gallantry.
Well, how could it not lick the head of his penis !!! Immediately while talking in both voices about my husband.

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The neighbor excitedly said that he was glad that my husband had entrusted him to be connected between my Olezhka – her husband and me.
We were both relaxed, t.
We knew that no one would come to life on the fifth floor, and we can safely drink at least the evening here.
I podvyazvila – if a neighbor threw sarafan from the fifth floor, then he now with me, too, will go in the nude.
On that neighbor calmly asked me to drink coffee, put out a cigarette – stand in the position of a beaver.
While he was in the pose of a beaver fucked me, I again asked: sarafan here or on the bushes in the yard.
He said – do not drift – now I’ll come down and okay, with me, too, will go naked to go around our whole house.
From such a statement, I jumped out of his member – I clearly did not like that he fucked me from behind and threw him to the floor and sat on him as a horsewoman.
From the perspective of seeing a neighbor go with me naked, I started up! But the orgasm did not work out, the neighbor quickly squeezed my breasts and drove my sperm into my womb.
I made all attempts to get an orgasm on a withering member – in vain.
The neighbor kicked me to jump off his penis, but since I was on top, I was able to keep him under me.
The thought was one more insidious of the other – how would I mock his member when we both left naked from the entrance.
I wasted with a thirst for orgasm and craved for a member of my neighbor to grow strong again.
Now, if someone opened the door and saw us, garbage, no one would come here until the evening.
I loosened my grip – a neighbor with a sharp movement escaped from my arms, and in the same instant I was already under him, and he was above me.
Tfu, what kind of stench, cigarette butts, snot, and I even remembered that in exactly the same staircase the blackmailer pissed me off with urine after sex.
Yes, do not care, I’m on such a platoon that I agreed to everything, just to achieve an orgasm, but during the coup the member of the neighbor finally fell out of her pussy.
But then the unexpected happened.
He literally reached into the corridor of his apartment and not only got my sarafan down from the floor, but at the same time defiantly wiped his prick with his dressing gown – and then handed it to me.
“Well, you pussy” is not a normative burst from me. Sex caught by security camera.

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