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Kohl continued to be embarrassed to be silent.
We will teach you how to ask for the pot, ”Olha said urgently,“ repeat after me. ”
“Aunt Larissa, I want to crap!” Aunt Larissa, Kohl began to repeat red with embarrassment.

Louder! – ordered Olya – Come on first.
Aunt Larissa, I want.
Said an eight-year-old boy, and suddenly fell silent, loudly putting a bunch of himself in the sliders.
They already taught you how to ask for the pot, ”Olga laughed.“ If you had done it on time. ”
Both nannies laughed out loud.
An unexpected stomach spasm caused Kohl to increase the pile in his pants.
What, crap one’s pants? – asked Ksyush, who came running to the noise.
And how! – Olga said with a laugh, – Look, what a boy has a bunch of sliders. Sex caught by spy cam.

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