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Anna in the hut also did not sleep.
“Strange,” she thought, “why is he angry with me?” Although, it seems, I understand.
He longs for that life, for friends.

And I.
he doesn’t like me at all.
Of course! He is a captain, a sea wolf, and I am a stupid miserable girl, absolutely unnecessary for anyone in this world.
And he probably got used to affordable women.
Ah, his look is sometimes simply unbearable.
Here today he looked as if.
as if he saw me without clothes and knows all my secrets.
Just a shiver throws from his eyes! They are cold, and I feel hot.
The next day, waking up, she found a note: “I went fishing.”
When he returned, she was already asleep.
This went on for a week.
Finally, Anna could not stand it, she waited for his return and asked directly: “Captain, why are you angry with me again?” What I offended you? “Do not call me captain,” he asked, smiling sadly.
– What should I call you? – You know my name – Serge.
“Okay,” she nodded, “so.”
“I am not angry with you,” he smiled, “I just had to be alone, decide something for myself.”
– And you decided? – the girl looked at him with an inquisitive, all-pervading gaze.
– Yes.
or not.
I do not know.
“I see,” she grinned, and suddenly got angry: “I recognized you in my most terrible days.”
You have become my only support and hope for salvation! You seemed to me the most powerful and brave man in the world! And it turns out you are the most indecisive and.
You’re lying to me all the time! Yes, yes – you are lying! Serge? Is this your real name ?! I know you were the captain of the pirates.
And that’s it! I know nothing more about you.
Then you are Serge Duval, then Serge Asya! And who else is there? “Steel is my nickname,” he grinned, looking surprised at the hot girl, “for the cold gleam of the eyes, they say it cannot be endured, and.

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for inflexibility to the enemies.
killed so many.
Otherwise they would have killed me, – he ran his hand over his face.
– At our first meeting, I gave you my real name – Serge Duval.
Count Duval.
– Count? – echoed the surprised girl.
– Yes, miss.
Does it change anything for you? – Not.
That is, what should this change? – Anna’s eyes flashed, as if a fire broke out in their depths.
“I respect you not for the title, not for being a pirate, captain.”
I respect you as a brave and determined person who saved my life.
Tears spilled from her eyes, and she rushed away from him.
He rushed to catch up with her.
But Anna was surprisingly fast.
Light legs, passing part of the forest, brought her to the waterfall.
Jumping from stone to stone, she began to cross a small mountain stream into which a waterfall flowed.
– Anna, Anna, stand! Strong current you can fall! – shouted Serge, trying to overtake her.
Suddenly, awkwardly waving her arms, the girl slipped and really fell, immediately carried away by the current.
Serge, not hesitating a second, jumped into the water.
He pulled her out.
Dropping onto the soft green grass, I saw that Anna was unconscious.
And then – he himself did not understand what was found on him – he suddenly leaned toward her pale, wet face and imprinted a tender and long kiss on her pink wet lips.
Hearing her soft moan, he recoiled, as if a schoolboy, caught in an unacceptable occupation, picked her up in his arms and carried her to a hut.
There he laid on her improvised bed.
Anna groaned again and opened her eyes.
She smiled weakly and whispered slightly: “Please do it again.”
– What? What should I do? – he was surprised.
“What they did there by the river.”
– Anna.
– he, not believing

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in his happiness, looked at her with all eyes, – Anna, you.
I love you! – finally, a confession burst from him.
And he again, no longer hiding, leaned toward her and kissed her with the same tenderness, but a little more boldly.
The girl’s hands wrapped around his neck, he lifted her slightly and pressed her to his chest.
“Anna,” he said after a while, “I understand that now is not the time, or rather, not the place to talk about it, but.”
I ask you to be my bride.
– Why not a place? – embarrassed smile, asked the girl.
– If we were not on this island, I would not marry for a second, would marry you.
But here.
“I agree to be your wife,” she whispered, blushing and lowering her eyes.
– Anna! – Duval impulsively embraced her and spoke with barely restrained emotion: – You make me the happiest of people. Sex drama movie watch online free.

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