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This is all that is left with Elena after the death of her parents.
The Boss had it all.
he never bragged about it.

He was kind, affectionate, and always, whatever happened, he helped Elena.
He was not like others, those who mocks his slaves.
But he is a prototype.
and that meant one thing.
sooner or later he will need it and Elena will allow him to do it with her.
He never considered his slave and did not force it.
She herself chose this path.
She punished herself like that.
I thought that so she can beg forgiveness from him.
He was not angry with her.
But she did not know about it and was tormented herself every day, afraid to ask.
5 more girls lived in the castle.
They were Alex’s concubines.
He used them only for sex and that’s it !! And they hated Elena and always insulted and humiliated her.
She tolerated and never complained and did not tell the Boss.
she was a little afraid of him.
She did not know why.
With him, she felt protected.
but she was also afraid.
She herself could not explain why.
The Master also had little magic helpers.
Yes, they are.
There were 4 of them.
These were Elena’s only friends.
Besides them, she had no one else.
Only she could tell them everything she thought.
They loved her and helped her.
They and mr.
They were called: Trinky, Vinki, Lyalya, Po.
That’s how they lived this month.
Hi Elena, wake up – said Vinky Hi guys.
It’s 9 in the morning.
Aha – replied By – let’s go Elena you need to eat.
No one at home.
Let’s go.
I don’t want to. You need to gain strength. Some food will do you good. Sex on big brother live feeds.

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