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Brackish feet and heels, after my tongue became fresh and tasteless.
Mrs., putting the laptop next to her on the sofa, sat half-turned and wrote a message in ICQ: – Hello, friend !!! Soon the answer was: – Hai !! Are you out of flight today? – Yeah.
– What are you doing? – I relax)) I have my tongue here with my tongue)) And you all sit in your can? – Lucky some! And I still have half a day to hang around ((((Head, Kazel, zaebal with his report (((- Rise above! Only slowly, – the Mistress ordered and turned back to the screen again.

Passing my lower leg and knees, I kissed the inside of my thighs, slowly approaching the main deity.
Marina, meanwhile, continued correspondence with a certain “Albinka”.
My existence has never been a secret to her closest friend Kati.
The girl was initially surprised and did not believe that I was really the one for whom her friend was impersonating me, but the photo and video evidence was made to believe.
I remember, at first, Katya was either embarrassed, or she was afraid that her husband would guess, and refused my services.
But one day, all the same, she succumbed to Marina’s persuasion and tried face-racing.
First, in panties, and then, defiantly shaking her pelvis, erotically took them off and sat down with her bare booty.
– How are relations with Leshka developing? What’s new with you? – All is well! We recently with him in the ass tried)) – Well, how?)) – Unusually, but how much)) Leshik was stunned when I unexpectedly gave him))) – And I forgot that you are a virgin there)) – No longer .

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– It hurt? – A little bit, but more scary.
– Count up, my already beginning to bother me.
Just imagine, he didn’t get up twice)))) – Come on? – Really)) – I sympathize)) – I met VKontakte with a guy here.
Beautiful, blue eyes.
– Well? Have you met already? – Not yet.
Here’s my dump on a business trip))) – Classic, damn it! – Yeah.
Come back with horns)) -))) – Yes, by the way! When will you finally introduce me to your fool ?! – How? – So.
Who is now polishing your feet! – Come on Saturday.
Let’s go to fitness, work out, and then I will order a separate sauna – in short, we can arrange a devish party! – well! And you will call Katka? – Are you against? – No, it’s just that she is kind of squeezed forever ?! – Haha.
You should have seen how she last time okhazhivala his belt and rode him through the woods! Words can not describe it))) – ??? I’m shocked! Katya? – She-she)) – In which forest? Are you completely stupid? And if someone saw you? – You will not believe! Drove to her to the cottage)) – Ofiget! Katka with her husband always goes? Not afraid that he would suspect and come to check?)) She is jealous of her, as if she would give someone))) – Ok, you’re corrected slowly)) – Aha)) – In general, the joke is that we were with men.
– ??? – Pancake! Well, I’m with Leshka, and Katka with her husband)) Marina pulled away from the laptop.
– Bad slave! Disgusting! So you have to

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lick up in the morning! What’s the matter? “Sorry, Madam, you used to go to the shower before,” I mumbled quietly.
– And now what? On the river licked, not sick? – Marina reminded me.
– No, Mrs.
– You surely fucked))) Let’s tell! – And you do not need to do a report? The boss does not scold? – It is necessary, but it is more interesting here))) – In short, we arrived in four.
We went to the bathhouse, barbequed and drank.
Went to the rooms already late at night.
– Have sex))) – Yes, I did, and Katya confronted Maxim and did not give)) – Well, Katyusha in her style))) My head hurts – do you remember? Sex pistols my way live.

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