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Prepared to tell more.
He suggested that girls sit down more conveniently.
It so happened that Olya was sitting across from me, and Lena was on the side, but closer to her.

My offer to sit down is more convenient, sounded ambiguous.
Lena stood up, lifting her short skirt.
Now she sat on a chair bare ass.
Looking at me point-blank, defiantly, she laid her hand on the hand of her mistress and began to touch her fingers.
Olya did not take away her hand, but looked at me.
I winked at her.
Lena, seeing this, smiled.
Taking the hand of his girlfriend, lowered it to her thigh.
I could not see, interfered with the tablecloth, but everything was clear and true.
Apparently, she checked her “free”, received from me in the morning.
I smiled encouragingly at her, and dramatically changed the subject.
– Len, it seems to me that for your home your skirt is long.
The fact that you are without panties, I saw today when you stooped.
And you can shorten the skirt so that part of your cool ass is visible and when you are standing.
I would be pleased to look at you, and Ole should like it – I chose the intonation of a caring uncle.
She was a little taken aback, but quickly coped with surprise.
– You can also try.
We – she looked at Olya.
– we will figure something out tomorrow.
Once again I was surprised how it has changed in these days.
Previously, she would be embarrassed.
– Then let’s drink for very short skirts, and Lena, who is not shy about wearing them.
I like this progress.
The girls took a sip and seemed to be completely relaxed.
Putting a glass on the table, Lena ran her finger on the shoulder of her friend, caressing her collarbone, without any pretense.
“What are your plans for tonight

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,” I asked, watching them.

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“There weren’t any,” said Olin’s voice for the first time that night.
– Why? – She asked.
– I propose after dinner to arrange a photo session for Lena.
You can take a few photos on the background of modern office interiors.
Olya accepted the offer with joy.
Lena with some doubt.
The conversation spun around the details.
During dinner, girlfriends exchanged light caresses.
Watching them, I realized how close they were.
He himself also experienced a feeling of some kind of childish joy.
Once in my childhood I had a dump truck.
I played with him, and then abandoned.
And after six months I bought an excavator.
I again took out my old dump truck.
That’s when I experienced such joy.
The old, annoying toy began to possess new properties, and again became a favorite.
Having collected all the necessary, we went.
Today, my company has completed its scope of work in a separate two-story office.
There was no furniture there yet, but the cleaning was done, and in the halls on the first and second floors there were already sofas and coffee tables.
The staircase to the second floor glistened with chrome and glass.
On the floor lay granite, in the offices carpet.
There was no watchman – there was an alarm.
I had my own set of keys.
No one, at this late time, could stop us.
There I planned to photograph Lena.
Seeing the office, the girls were delighted and ran to look around.
While I was busy with the camera, they looked into each door on both floors.
I enjoyed looking at the flickering of slender bodies.
First, we took a few “regular” shots with Lena to warm up.
Olya stepped back a bit so as not to interfere, and noticed with interest every detail.
Then they began to take pictures more and more frankly.
On the stairs, in the hall on the first floor, on a large corner sofa, on the second.
With each frame, I made Lena to strip more and more.
Now it was quite easy, unlike in previous years, when she was shy, pinched, or, in general, refused.
Seeing my wife naked, in various poses, I was excited.
She too.
Moisture appeared between her lips.
My assignments became more frank.
Lena was already very excited, and obediently doing everything she said.
I had an idea – it is necessary to connect Olga.
Suddenly, they will be able to provoke more than they did at dinner.
“What do you think,” I said to my niece.
– Will it be normal if she sits on the step, opens one leg, so that her lips touch the marble? “Yes,” she breathed.
“It will be fine,” she did not look at me, looking at her whole friend, into all her eyes.
– Then go to her, and tell me how to sit down. Sex video hd online play.

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