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There were no chandeliers, no watches, no mirrors, nothing at all.
What the hell happened to me? So, this bitch has drunk me with something, section, tied and threw here? Where am I at all? I tried to free my hands, but in vain.
They were connected quite reliably, and my attempts only hurt me.

Get up also failed, in the legs was weakness.
It only remained to wait.
I did not have to wait too long.
Olya appeared about an hour later.
During this time, I have already taken a position on my side, in which I experienced the least discomfort.
It was heard that she opens the door with a key that naturally did not encourage me.
I already got it, it’s good! She said brightly.
“I thought I’d have to wake you up.”
Olya, what’s going on? – I asked as calmly as possible.
What’s happening? You are lying in my apartment on the floor, naked, helpless.
Beautiful such.
Is this a game like that? This is such a life, Shackle.
You are caught, you are my prey now.
What kind of booty? – unable to stand, I roared.
– What the fuck are you doing, untie me.
Completely stunned or what? And you are a cheeky guy, – Olga squinted.
“But it won’t save you.”
What will not save? From me.
Coming up to me, she punched her foot hard in my leg.
I cried out in pain and surprise.
This is for you daring to raise my voice.
BDSM? – I decided to find out.
– Slave and mistress? Do you like submission and humiliation? I do not like.
I live it.
I did not like her eyes at all, her voice.
Now Olya looked like crazy.

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Or God forbid she is a maniac.
There was a hope that this is still just a game, it will be crammed and calm down.
So, my boy.
Now listen to the rules by which you will live here.
The first is to obey me and execute my orders.
The second is not to raise my voice and not to scold.
Third – do not swear, I hate mats.
Fourth, don’t interrupt me when I speak.
This is probably the main thing.
You learn the rest in the process.
She spoke powerfully.
And in general, even in such a difficult situation, I had to mention to myself.
that Olga was pretty damn pretty.
Tight-fitting clothes in which she was, favorably emphasized her excellent figure.
Long hair was loose and beautifully lay on her shoulders.
What are you staring at? Do you like it? – She said my opinion.
Yes, I admitted.
Something I do not notice, – she looked expressively between my legs.
Olya, – I said as calmly as possible.
– Let’s have it as normal.
Without this game.
Tell me what you want and we will decide everything together.
Like what? – the girl was surprised.
“I just explained everything to you exactly what I want.”
Follow the rules, and your life will be beautiful.
Oh yes.
I also want sex.
I relieved breathed.
Of course, all this

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entourage was still created for our sexual games.
What is it, huh? Such work to do to have sex outside the box.
Olya began to undress quickly.
Last she pulled off her white panties and threw them in my face.
True not hit.
My dick, at the sight of her naked body, immediately moved and began to rapidly grow in size.
Wow, what are we, – Olya turned me on my back.
I was so not at all comfortable, my hands tied behind my back interfered.
Taking the penis in her hand, she slowly began to cheat on him, looking into my face.
Then she bowed and began to suck, swallowing a member almost completely.
It was awesome nice and I groaned with pleasure.
Kayfuyesh, yes? Well now let’s see what you are.
Turning her ass to me, Olya slowly planted herself on my stake.
I really wanted to wrap her around, paw her, but with my hands tied it was impossible.
The girl sped up her movements and with every second moved more and more vigorously. Sex video watch online.

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