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Finally, the boys began to disperse.
First one left, then the second, the third.
When the last one left, I approached Tatyana Viktorovna from behind, bent over her, hugged and asked: Hi, how are you? Hi, as usual.

How are you feeling? I asked, wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her chest.
Completely, the bell rang, and she added, and what about you, fizra? Yes, I replied, kissing her neck.
Will you stay with me? I kissed and bit her ear.
Of course, she immediately understood that I had come to her for the whole lesson.
Go to the store, and I’ll close the door.
All right, she replied, waiting until I let her go.
Since there was not so much time, I let her go almost immediately.
He took a key out of his pocket, and headed for the door to close it.
The teacher stood up for me, and went to our intimate room.
I opened the door – Kohl stood on the porch.
He looked a bit incredulous, but most likely, he was already beginning to understand that I was not joking.
Well, wait 15 minutes, and come in.
I need to prepare her a little.
What are you, vnature fucking our librarian? – finally believing, asked friend.
Well, yes, I told you about it, but you still do not believe.
Fuck, gasp, – his eyes already lit up.
Okay, I drove.
do not forget to close the door behind you.
Only quietly so that she did not hear ahead of time.
Come on, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, – Kolya looked at his watch, taking note of the time.
Why so long? – asked Tatyana Viktorovna, when I entered the store.

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She sat on the couch, already without a jacket and in an unbuttoned blouse, beige.
Her skirt was pulled up, and her legs were spread to the sides.
Tatyana Viktorovna

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knew that I love to look at her in this form.
That even the doors did not close.
Is everything okay – The teacher asked, ottyagya, and shifting her panties to the side.
Completely, – I answered, coming close to her, – set the alarm clock? Yes.
I leaned over her, kissing her lips.
He crushed her breasts with his hands, pulled a bra from one breast, and sucked her nipple.
I didn’t play with her for a long time, since Kolya was supposed to come in soon.
And I wanted him to see her suck at me.
Within a minute, Tatyana Viktorovna worked diligently with her mouth, and every now and then I glanced at the curtain.
Kohl was about to enter.
Finally, the curtain began to move away quietly, and very soon Colin’s head appeared.
Seeing us, he froze at first, apparently trying to comprehend what he saw.
He already understood that I was not joking, but still Tatiana Viktorovna, who was sucking my dick, sucked me, made a strong impression on him.
Enjoying the moment, I pointedly put my hand on her head, and made a couple of ebital pushes to meet her, thereby driving her dick deep in her mouth.
Tatyana Viktorovna, let’s suck well.
not filon.
Even though she sucked well, I decided to throw a pont in front of Kolyan.
The teacher began to actively suck my dick, smacking and moaning.
I looked pretty, first at the teacher, then at Kohl, seeing the admiring glance of a friend, raised my thumb up.
Kohl continued to spellbound us to look.
I beckoned with his hand, offering to fully enter into a closet.
Kohl began to delay the curtain, and a distinctive sound rang out around the room.
Actively sucking teacher did not immediately realize what was happening.
But when Kohl, having rustled his feet, entered the room, Tatyana Viktorovna suddenly stopped, let go of the member from her mouth, and with fear turned to the sound.
Seeing Kohl, and realizing what was happening, the teacher rose to her feet, actively covering her chest with her hand, and turning away from the incoming student. Sex www cam.

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