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Moreover, even though I was called the bridegroom, I could not compete on equal terms for influence on my bride with neither one nor the other.
But at the same time he loved her, so he was forced to put up with his passive fate.
But Mikhalych continued to shock me with frankness: -.

Well this was my plan – and with pregnancy, and marriage, and the contract.
And Karen went forward dad.
– Planned pregnancy from Karen ?.
– Scheduled information about Masha’s pregnancy, so that you have an iron reason to fool you to marry her.
But the information should have been that she is pregnant by you.
From you, understand? But Karen decided to play his game and outwit everyone.
I decided to tie Masha to myself.
He deceived you, and wanted to deceive me.
I checked everything, found out everything.
– And why should he lie to me? – Here, man: I explain to him in Russian, but he does not understand.
If Masha thinks she is pregnant from him, she will have stronger feelings towards him than just fuckers.
So, it will be easier for him to manipulate her.
“So Masha is not pregnant?”
– Pregnant, but not from him.
And Karen knows that not from him.
And I know that.
“How can you know that?” “Because I have a copy of Karen’s medical record.”
He cannot have children.
Physically it is not capable.
– Then from whom is Masha pregnant? – While I do not know exactly.
But from one of these three Azerbaijanis from the market, ”Mikhalych showed me a photograph from the market in which three Caucasians used to flaunt,“ While Karen went on a business trip, Masha said she would spend the night with you, but she never came to you , and all the days I was running through with the “Azers”. Spy cam teen sex.

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