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Nurses at first glance seemed more accessible.
Already on the first day, I admired their roundness under strict white robes.
Many of them in summer heat put this uniform on their panties and bras, and when they were leaning over something, my spirit died, it was worth looking behind the neckline.

Every time, climbing up the stairs, I hopefully lifted my head up, and if a nurse was above the floor, I saw beautiful views: ass and panties under the robe.
Probably pretty nurses were the main advantage of working in the hospital! Most of all I liked Lyuba.
She was not just beautiful, she was gorgeous! Blonde with brown eyes and insanely long eyelashes! As soon as she smiled, everything seemed to blossom.
And more.
She had a big beautiful bosom, which is why the robe on her literally bulged forward, strongly stretching in other places.
The bottom of the dressing-gown (obviously, on purpose) was greatly shortened – in the manner of a mini-skirt, as soon as she passed by, the men held their breath, looking at her long, strong and very seductive legs.
Can you imagine what I felt in my 18 years? Often from the overwhelming excitement, I did not know where to put myself.
And when she walked beside me, I literally wanted to sob from the inability to touch her.
Once I was lucky: hurrying somewhere along the corridor, Lyuba dropped a folder with documents.
I froze.
She slowly leaned over her, and I saw the edge of her gorgeous ass! A minute later, not remembering myself from excitement, I stood with my back pressed against the cold tiled walls of the bathroom, firmly locking the door from the inside, and caressed myself with short, sharp movements in order to throw out all the accumulated passion.

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But even when I finished, I did not feel better.
I must say that in those days I was completely in some kind of romantic teenage illusions.
Raised on Hollywood films, in which everything is shown so simply, clearly and beautifully, I decided to invite Luba for a cup of coffee.
In the films, this scheme worked flawlessly: first

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, the girl goes to a cafe with a guy, then they walk around the city, in the evening they meet the sunset on the beach, and at night they have sex.
For some reason I was convinced that this scheme always works, without knowing the failures! Taking advantage of the fact that Luba was assigned to the operation, I volunteered to help her take the gurney with the patient.
The old man was lying on a drip without any signs of life, and we did not pay attention to him.
We walked along the long hospital corridor, and the sound of her heels with every step flew off with a booming echo from its walls.
It’s hot today – I decided to start a conversation.
Aha, don’t say such a steam room, ”she answered indifferently, looking away.
Yeah, don’t say it! – I was delighted.
So they usually say to friends: “You have a cool chest”, “Do not tell me.
Mood improved by itself.
“Lyuba-lyubochka,” I sang quietly, so that she did not hear, and added: “how much I like you.
What she did to me! From her appearance I began to tremble with my whole body, my voice broke, and I didn’t dare to look in her eyes! One of her eyes – those big chocolate eyes with long eyelashes pierced through like laser beams in science fiction films.
After all, is Lyuba your name? – I decided to speak myself, trying to seem as indifferent as possible.
Yeah, she said shortly.
What is my name, she certainly did not even ask.
Lesha, – I decided to introduce myself.
She answered, pressing the elevator button.
I hate it when these words are pronounced like this! Thai anal cam.

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