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I get up and go to the table.
On the way I pull the curtain.
It got dark outside, it’s true.

But in reality, this is a conditional signal to Nastya, who now plays in the yard with Katya, that it is time.
I sit down at the table and take in his hands his creation.
He again stands beside him, covering his manhood with his hands and looking at me hopefully.
Hope did not materialize.
Already in the second exercise, I note an error.
In his eyes is despair.
In my heart is jubilation.
Yahuuu, the

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celebration goes on! I quickly note five more mistakes and look at him with condemnation.
– Yes, a hard case.
We’ll have to work seriously with you.
He sighs heavily.
– Well, where is your surprise? “Wait, you’ll see,” I smile.
We look at each other.
I am looking not even the winner, but the mistress of the situation.
He is like a doomed victim.
Last a moment, you are beautiful! But here is the doorbell.
He glances round, frightened and asks: – Who is this? – This is my friend and sister came to visit.
Go open the door.
On his face indescribable horror and despair.
– So!? Naked ?! “Exactly,” I smile maliciously.
“And if you don’t do what I say, now you’ll get a spanking from both of us.”
And so just naked in front of us like.
So it’s up to you.
But you have about three seconds left.
If I open Nastya, it will be worse.
– Oksana, well, please! – he whines with hope in his voice.
I pause, resolutely rise and walk to the door.
– Well as you know.
“Wait,” he overtakes me.
– I will do.
I smirk triumphantly and sit down on the bed again so that I can see the front door.
– Well, then go ahead.
Humbly and deliberately slowly, he trudges to the back door.
A new bell sounds and the guy shudders, as if receiving a whip.
Slowly he comes to the door, takes the lock, turning his back to me so that I will not see his pussy and stops in indecision.
– Come on! – I command him.

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He pauses for a few moments, then opens the lock with a sharp movement, pushes the door and immediately jumps back, again covering his jewels with his palms.
And right there, from behind the door, Katin heard a voice: “Oh, Nastya, the boy is naked there.”
“That’s right,” her sister replies.
– His name is Vanya.
He is punished.
And Oksana invited you and me to look at him.
Come on in.
They enter the corrido and cover the door behind them.
Vanya is standing in front of them, looking down, burning with shame and covering his shame with his palms.
Nastya looks at him with mockery.
A mocking smile plays on her face.
Katya looks at the naked boy with all her eyes, opening her mouth in amazement.
I get up and go out into the corridor.
“Well, what if you are not alive,” I appeal to Vanya.
– Come on hands go head.
Show the younger generation than the rich.
Seeing her, I was most amazed at how little she had changed in appearance, as if I had said goodbye to her only yesterday, while we had not seen each other for several years now.
She gave me a hand without any sign of surprise and said simply: “Good evening” in such a tone as if you broke up the day before.
Then I greeted the other guests, shook hands with them.
I squinted at her.
Show them to us.
“Stay like that,” she said.
It seemed to me that she was about to cry.
I find it fun to make her walk like that.
She is waiting for you in the car.
I got up, ready to follow her.
I sat a little sideways so as not to take up too much space.
No answer.
I agreed.
It becomes wet.
Little Ann looked up and shook her head.
Now I will hurt you.
Come to me.
do not.
One of the petals reached out even before the start of the thigh.
Little Ann’s golden hair shone in the sun.
Both young women are very funny.
We finished drinking tea.
but there is nothing under it.
And she tried to lead us to the alley.
I was mistaken.
– Come on, baby, do not break.
“You’re cute, that’s how cute you are,” she said.
She was alone.
This does not concern you.
The answer should have been positive.
It is designed for one person.
Back view.
Obviously, the wrists are tied behind the pillar.
I remembered that little Ann’s marigolds were a natural color.
She seemed dissatisfied with something.
– Oh, how?
As for me, at that moment I was driven solely by curiosity.
It was warm, so there was not much clothing on it.
– She’s cute, this girl.
Little Ann cried softly.
Here she clasped her ankles and wrists.
The store was quite elegant and wore a seal of calm.
We entered.
All in white, she was adorable.
She seemed to understand something, something very far away.
that showed.
that I was whacked.
Her babbling was barely audible.
Bend your knees.
– Well, let’s give her the opportunity to cry. The sex education show online.

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