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She felt pleasure seeing the water in the belly of a poor girl.
Finally, the enema was empty and Aunt Raya took the tip out of Natasha’s priests and ordered her to endure another ten minutes.
In the meantime, she began to pinch Natasha’s nipples and clit.

After all the water came out of the girl, Aunt Raya washed her and unleashed her, ordered her to lie on the bed back to the top.
Natasha did just that, but Aunt Raya,

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once again linking her, came in with a tube of cream and a huge phaloimmitator.
Since the girl had a gag in her mouth, she could only gasp in horror.
“Now we will put something in your ass” – said aunt.
She squeezed the entire tube of cream into Natasha’s back hole and put her fingers in there.
The girl twitched in pain, but could not resist.
Pulling her fingers into Natasha’s bottom, Aunt Raya began to insert a long, thick phaloimmitator into her narrow ass.
At first, he too slowly moved and Aunt Raya, not paying attention to the wild moans of the unfortunate girl, with all his strength drove him to full length.
When the huge phallus was completely in the anus of Natasha, she turned on the vibrator at full capacity, pulled out the gag and ordered the girl to lick her pussy.
Natasha was disgusted with licking her fat aunt’s pussy, but she obediently set about her work, licking Aunt Rai, who was moaning from pleasure, groaning.
Aunt Raya decided to extend the pleasure and took a long, thick cucumber, she stuck it into Natasha’s vagina and began to twist them in different directions.
The girl was moaning from pain, because she was fucked with huge objects in both holes, and Aunt Raya took another cucumber, a little thicker than the one that was sticking out of Natasha’s pussy, stuck it in her ass and started jumping on it.

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Having experienced two or three orgasms, she fell from exhaustion and turned off the vibrator that was in Natasha’s ass.
“Now I will rest, then I will bring more vibrators and we will continue,” said Aunt Raya.
Those who have nowhere to go, who run away from themselves and others who have unexpectedly lost or gained, will definitely be at the station sooner or later.
It was there, among the dirt and the distance, among the din and the insights, sometimes they hide, and sometimes they begin to show shameless beginnings and ends.
It turned out at the station and silver.
True, on the street, among cars and pedestrians, the silver shine began to fade and almost completely disappeared.
But, in the feelings of Theta-Tanki, he remained and illuminated the world around him.
She had nowhere to go.
She was afraid to go back home, if the Boss died, the cops could wait for her.
She had no friends and acquaintances.
Work, plans, a certain future, and the past already, perhaps, was not there either.
There was some money, there were strange leaflets with flowers and a memorable photograph in the bag, there was a lost silver glow on the objects of the surrounding world, there were several weeks when the pain from the Master’s whips and the turmoil from his words lit two fires in the soul and gave an incomprehensible yet strength.
And there was nothing else.
– The train Moscow-Verkhnerechensk served under the landing on the eighth path – the station radio shouted.
The memory rolled and pushed hard.
Theta recalled how once the Boss, talking with an invisible interlocutor, called this city.
– No, Andrei, I will, of course, be on the Circle, but Verkhnerechensk is in the past.
Vadim paw and well done and I am ready to fulfill any of his requests, but you know, I’m a loner.
What a Circle where the Boss was going to be, who the paw and the good man Vadim was, was completely unknown, and the train to Verkhnerechensk is here, it is served for boarding on the eighth route, and you can safely have time to buy a ticket.
Maybe if the Master is in the past, Theta is in the future? Top sex cam sites.

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