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Her lips gently, but very tightly wrapped around the head smeared with grease and saliva and slowly slid along it.
She moved to the very tip, almost letting go of my dick and pleasantly tickling the urethra with her tongue, and then swallowed the head completely, jumping with light effort to the drawn skin.
At the same time, her tongue playfully tickled the frenulum from below, as if trying to rest against the member to penetrate deeper, and its tender fingers held at the very base.

Somewhere in the distance on the sea surface a white steamer walked majestically and unhurriedly.
It must be a ferry with tourists already prepared to pounce on local sights.
However, I was not sure, because the ship was too far away, and a pleasant haze overwhelmed my eyes.
Linda-chan sighed and smacked.
It seems that she was tired of this endless blowjob, but her endurance worried me the least.
I stroked her again, feeling her young head shudder.
She ran her fingertips over her silky hair and could not help but note how pleasant it was to feel them.
Suddenly, the sun peeped out, hiding all this time behind dense lingrin clouds.
It became so light that it seemed that even the air began to shine, filled with soft and pleasant colors.
Birds chirped in the thickets, and even a light breeze died down so as not to disturb them from bathing in the sun.
The lips of Linda-chan squeezed me somehow coarser, from which a pleasant charge swept through my body.
It seems that she is so tired that she decided to make me come.
And she did it unexpectedly nicely, I was not even immediately able to cope with myself, trying not to let out a single moan.

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“There is no need for haste,” I said quietly.
Her tongue.
The head slid freely over it, I felt how wet and soft it was.
This softness was so amazing that I could hardly stop shaking.
Touching her hair with the back of my hand, I also slowly spent on them.
So they seemed even more silky and softer.
I ran my fingers into them, enjoying the feeling of power over Linda-chan, and then, unexpectedly even for myself, I moved my hips.
I could not hold back any longer, and desperately fucked her mouth.
Linda-chan gasped and moaned under me, and I just passionately pulled her over my dick, feeling like the head rested against her throat.
– Linda-chan! – I moaned.
– So hot.
So nice.
Linda-chan tried to escape, but I held her tight and did what I wanted with her.
That wanted my tense to the limit member.
Suddenly, he became so sensitive that every time the head almost penetrated her throat, painful pleasure pierced me, forcing me to continue to move my hips.
“Take it,” I moaned.
– Swallow me completely! Linda-chan’s hands panickedly grabbed my feet, soaked from sweat and saliva, and I frantically continued to dig into her little mouth.
It felt so good that the hips moved on their own.
I moaned, screamed out her name and at one moment pressed her against me with all my might.
A member drowned in her mouth, I shivered, and a hot

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stream of my sperm poured into Linda-chan’s throat.
I finished, swaying, but firmly pressed her head to her pubic, trying to enjoy her throat as long as possible.
A member shuddered time after time, and the discharges of pleasure poured over my body.
I was so good.
– Linda-chan.
– I moaned for the last time and roughly left.
Linda-chan fell and coughed.
Sperm was too much, she probably almost drowned.
But now, I just looked at her helpless cough and still experienced the sensation of a head in her throat.
After all, what do I care if she coughs or not? – Amy-san.
– offended she said.
“Well, Linda-chan, how do you like the observation deck?” – with a mock I stretched.
– I almost choked !.
– she angrily looked at me.
Linda-chan was extremely unhappy, but at the same time in her voice felt weakness and some kind of apprehension.
She was indignant at what I did, but I was afraid that this would not end there. Virtual sex chat online.

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