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Bu-ha-ha))) – Yeah.
At breakfast, the men cheered us, saying that they were going fishing.
Well, here I offered to call the slave and have fun.

Katka angry, dissatisfied supported the idea with a bang! – Then the slave came and gave you a massage?)))) – The massage was a bit later.
First, we decided to ride it through the forest, to the river.
Verkhovili in turn.
Step, gallop, step again))) They drove the horse completely, but neighing from the heart)) – Well, you give! Nobody vstetil while rolling? – Nope.
They have places not crowded there.
Count up, sunbathe and swim at all alone – naked))) – Awesome! The poor slave is two naked women, but hell)) Don’t you feel sorry for him? – Not at all! He got what he wanted.
Let him enjoy! – Bitch! – I’m so! – And right now, he still lick you? – No longer.
Sent to the kitchen – cook.
– Could not satisfy you? – Do not say! Barely wiggles his tongue, that’s no good to me! I do not like it when I’m not fresh)) – ??? “Without a shower.”
– You are right without rushing?
Music sounded everywhere: in the singing of birds, the clinking of glasses, the rustling of light wind in the crowns of trees.
“What a melodious planet,” Marina thought happily, enjoying talking with people whose interests were incredibly far from investigating crimes.
Music was discussed

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at the table set up in the rotunda on the main alley of the greenhouse; In particular, they mentioned some synthesizer, which Marcus, in his free work, does not know much about the ancient art.

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According to rumors, this instrument was not only musical, but also therapeutic.
So far, no one has seen him yet, but Marcus himself habitually waved away: the work is not yet finished.
“And you have always been a musical boy,” Marina smiled.
– Especially at eight.
Remember, you somewhere read the idea of ??the harpsichord of one ancient king or pharaoh ?.
This is where the cats sat in special cages, and each mewed in its unique key.
And the king sat down at the instrument, pressed the keys, and the cats began to meow a melody – the key was connected to the mechanism that pricked a certain cat with a needle at the right moment.
“My God,” Vera gasped, not long ago considered Marcus’s bride, but sending him to “retirement” for an indefinite period.
“I would never have thought that Marki could be capable of such a thing!” – Marina jokes, – Marcus was a little angry with her sister, who sometimes recalled some episodes from her childhood, which, like all other people, including quite close ones, would not need to know.
“Besides, if it comes to that, on all the planets of Morgan, animal bullying is strictly forbidden – and such, if I may say so,“ cat-pianos ”could be a cause for big problems for our parents.”
“They feared even when you were collecting insectopiano.”
Do you remember? – Yes, it was like that.
But they were more bothered by the fact that grasshoppers, cicadas and scarepodes jumped around the house, which I picked up with such an account that they would make a ringing each in its own tonality.
With your help, sis! Do you remember? “Yes, when you go to bed and find large insects there, it’s not always appropriate,” laughed Rich Garney, a transsexual nerd who surprisingly fit tightly into the company that lived in the greenhouse.
His face and torso he (she?) Looked like a man, but below the belt, as Marcus said, he had an absolutely feminine device.
At first, he was only a temporary sexual partner of Lady Inskip and her friend Vladimir, who was now on a trip.
And now he has become both a regular partner and a permanent employee. Watch hulk hogan sex tape online.

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