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Before my eyes was a picture of how a huge dick penetrates my boyfriend’s anal hole and that the strangest thing I suddenly imagined myself in his place.
How it fucks me, how I lick pussy to this woman.
From this thought, I flowed several times stronger and soon finished.

I have not had such a bright and perverted orgasm for a very long time.
The ultimate escape from stress was simple.
She unfolded her wardrobe again, tried on her clothes, spun around the mirror until dizzy.
Here I will collect an outfit and go hunt guys, normal guys, and not some slaves.
Makeup as a war coloring Indian woman, thick red lipstick.
Another turn at the mirrors and with a slight movement I take off the blues and the bra.
a short skirt flies during rotation and here I am in my underpants.
The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.
Here is a bitch, I thought to myself, looking at my body in the mirror, see if it is too elastic for her slave.
What a word, elastic? The stupidity of the old whore.
Then I caught myself thinking that I was analyzing her and his words.
Brad, I think myself like a fuck.
This is not love and she is lying.
In one of his underpants, I go up to the window arousing myself with exhibitionism.
Anyone wants to be looked at and only on her.
I am the most attractive.
Somewhere it already heard.
And suddenly in the window.
He walks down the street.
Heart sank again.
Quickly hid behind a curtain.
Pavel went, probably home.
He said he loved me, and this old bitch ruined everything.
I love him.
And here I was struck like a current from the actual thought.
I still love him, and she said – what am I ready for love.
But is this the guy for whom you can go for everything and is this love.
They fuck him like

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a fagot and he is a slave, what is there to love?

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If I stood there with cancer you can still understand.
Kick – I would stand there.
That once again comes to mind.
But in the end I am a woman and I have everything for that, why did he become a slave? Maybe talk to him again and try to lead him away from it all.
This is all forget and all and he will become a normal guy, not a slave.
I dreamed how we could go to the cinema, listen to music in a cozy house, go for a walk in the park, but in general did so many nice things.
Why isn’t this guy interested in such things? why he likes to be a litter of this with a dirty whore’s tara, I thought.
Maybe this is something that I just do not understand? And he found for himself something more pleasant than a simple relationship.
I was tormented by thousands of questions.
And if it’s so nice, why doesn’t he want to share it with me, because he said he loves me too.
I jumped up and threw myself on the quick in what to go out, ran to catch up with him.
Having jumped out of the doorway at all, I was glad that he had not gone far and called out: Paul.
He stopped, but I did not wait for the reaction and ran to him.
Pavel – out of breath, I began – Did you really say yesterday that you love me? You do not need it.
– he averted his eyes.
I understand.
– stupidly said, because she didn’t understand anything and even what I’m doing now – If you love, leave it all and let’s be together.
I love you.
I am a man and gave a certain oath to the Lady.
– he answered.
Damn her with an oath if you love me.
But if I break her, then what kind of man am I.
just pedi to.
as you saw yesterday.
– he was a grove, but looked straight at me.
– I’m a man and keep my word! And I.
! – taken aback by these of his applications, just burst out of me.
You said that you love, but for the sake of it you do not want to compromise your principles.
It is so? You are crazy, to be a whore.
What is that principle? – I just got mad at what he said.
So you have such a love in which for me you do not want to be like that.
– he concluded.
For you I can do a lot.
– I mumbled.
– Pavel sadly answered – And even though you just left.
I have to go.
He turned and walked away from me.
Well, go.
– I burst into tears and ran home.
My thoughts about what I do not know and can truly love, just filled my head.
How can this be so.
How dare he say so.
The more I comprehended all this, the stronger my feeling, in which I wanted to prove to him and myself that I was capable of love, increased in me.
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