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the bed is vast.
“” Now I go down below me, spread my legs gently.
” “You know.

i’m yours now
with you is always sweet to me.
“” No, wait, do not hurry, I just stroke you.
Turn quietly to one side.
I’ll settle everything now.
And skin like your white, Gentle and silky.
Charm is full, And, like a flower fragrant.
“” Oh, wait, let me tell you, now caressing you, I’ll claw my hands over the back of that naked.
“” Now turn on your back, I’m on top, hugging, and, in this pose, linger.
“” I lose my mind.
Your little one is as strong as granite, He comes in, moves it apart.
“” Do you feel how it stands? How does he play inside? “” Now I am straining my muscles.
“” And I’ll lower my rhythm.
Now I am with force.
I enter.
I will make you scream.
“” Ahhhh.
i scream
I can not restrain myself.

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And now.
now groan.
I fit b sob.
“” Do not cry, wait, I’ll do everything skillfully.
in your knees bend your legs.
I own you now.
“” Oooh.
as now excited, I have no strength to resist, I drive my hips slightly, how sweet it is to surrender.
“” This moment is coming.
just a second.
will do.
“” Your nipples caress.
I finished, and how are you? “” I lie down and quietly gleam.
only an hour had passed, what a trifle.
I blush with shame.
“” See you, I have to go.
“” And I have to go, kiss you.
“” If something is wrong, forgive me.
“” Honey, I love you.
“Virtual Erotica” – Where have you been? I waited so much.
did not believe that you will come.
Yes, at work there is a blockage, you will not rest at all.
I’m for a moment.
How are you? I completely forgot.

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You know, it’s hard without you.
I have canceled the meeting.
I want to be with you now.
I will not hide, I missed.
It’s so hard to be always alone, In a dream you saw.
And what a dream? Tell me? Why? After all, it will not come true.
That night we caressed in a dream.
In the morning everything will be forgotten.
Dear, give you a squeeze, undress, put next.
Are you sad? What’s wrong with you? I want you.
my God.
Lay on your back, close your eyes.
Beautiful witch, but I want to see you!, Like stars in the full moon.
On the neck gently tongue, and on the chest, I caress.
The nipple is swollen gently with my mouth without a sound I take.
That waist, what a bend, I admire the body.
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