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“So, nice, just give me a better one to.
With my pants down, I buried myself in the seat, but he immediately turned my head to his side.

“You do not spoil my buzz, I want to see how you will be fine.”
Only I didn’t need to see anything – I felt how he skillfully rubs my little ring with his fingers, touching the scrotum.
“During the night you play enough so that you forget about everything in the world” – and he again turned on the engine.
The car drove into the territory of a manor, and I once again checked whether all the buttons are buttoned on my pants.
When the automatic gates closed behind our car, the peasant breathed out with a high: “Here we are, you will have a new, pleasant life.”
He whispered something to the guards, they nodded knowingly and escorted us to the house.
From light and luxury in the house eyes are blind.
The guy led me to the second floor, wanted to leave in the care of the guards, but then still took me by the hand and, after knocking, came with me at the door is not a big, but very comfortable room.
Having seated me in a leather armchair, he went to an obsequious fraternization, hugging the master of the house.

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“My favor.
“- and that was all I could hear, because the rest he told him almost in a whisper.
The owner silently listened to the peasant and already loudly asked: “How is he? Kicking? “, To which the man assured:” A good fellow respects strength.
Am I saying correctly? ”I, drowning in a luxurious easy chair, sat silently and quite meekly confirmed the agreement of what the man had just said.
I saw with what eyes, leaving the office, he looked at me.
The owner, with a cigar in his mouth, tight, similar to a bear, told me to come closer to him.
He made me raise my eyes and look closely at him.
I saw a faint smile on his face and some kind of paternal approval.
“Are you going to drink cognac?” I had a tremendous courage from somewhere and I immediately blurted out that I had not eaten anything since the morning, or rather, since yesterday evening.
He ordered to feed the “baby.”
Immediately they brought sandwiches with caviar, to which I, without any embarrassment, pounced, like a beast.
The owner, enjoying the smoke of the cigar, admired how I swept away one by one sandwiches and ordered to bring something extra.
Suddenly, the owner suddenly asked me: “When I brought you this misgir, did you touch the car?” I shook my head.
The owner broke a contented smile and recalled: “You, baby, eat, eat.”
And I gladly raced the second batch of sandwiches.
“How do you treat girls? Do you like to squeeze somewhere in the doorway, so that you squeak? ”I, not knowing what to say, said that I had a girlfriend.
” Why was?.
Healthier yo.
rya found? ”I, almost

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