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“Mmmmmmm, I don’t mind, but I hope you didn’t build any conspiracies against me there?” And it will turn out like last night.
– No, no plans, everything is peaceful and decorous, and no more secret ploys.
Come on, I see that you still have not slept, go to sleep, and I will drive home and see what is there and how, I will be soon.

Finally, having kissed me, she got up from her bed and left.
I was lying, trying to sleep and thinking: “Is it really so easy and so simple? No scandal, no reproach, nothing to expect.
And what did they agree about there after all? ”However, I still could not move away from what happened, moreover, what I had drunk made me feel.
Confused thoughts, the absence of any connection in them caused only gagging urges in me

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, which I could hardly hold back (after all with a shaking, obviously, they were mistaken, although, they are doctors, to them.
better to know).
And no matter how trite it is, after several attempts to tie together the porridge that was going on in my brainless skull, I fell asleep.
Waking up, after about half an hour, I felt a significant improvement.
My head cleared up, although I was still aching, I could already think and fully understand the horror of what had happened both at night and in the early morning.
It terribly scared me, although I remembered the words of my beloved that she forgave me, but the thought that they had something to do with the nurse did not leave me.

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I used to believe the people I love, but in this situation it was obvious that it was not easy, and it would be rash to take a word, even to my beloved.
Having once again risen from my bed (excuse me that I either fall asleep, then get up from my bed, I go somewhere, my head is spinning – after all, the hospital is not a resort, and my condition is not a heroin high) I decided to go for a smoke.
Realizing that now I am already confidently on my feet, and that I had slept well in all that time, I confidently (now) walked to that unfortunate toilet.
Passing by the nursing post, I did not find anyone there.
Apparently the patient became ill and she went to the ward.
This fact calmed me down a bit, and I continued the procession towards the toilet.
Going there and closing the door behind me, I went into the damn booth and sat down on the toilet, but this time I closed the door on the latch: you never know what will happen again, even if I did not expect to sleep.
I lit a cigarette.
You still had nasty thoughts spinning on my head, from which I can get rid of in less than a week, unless, of course, there is another event that will upset me to the same extent as everything that happened.
Making deep delays to quickly get smoked and quickly get out of the place that brings me disgusting memories, I thought: “Well.
It seems everything is good, why is it so disgusting at heart? And it was all decided, but the fact that I’m no better than everyone else doesn’t give me peace.
Heck! So after all, I have an almost stranger at home (as I said before, in this situation, it would be rash to believe someone)! It is urgent to dump from the hospital and go home.
We must find a doctor, urgently! However, the beloved went home, promised to return soon.
In any case, a doctor must be found! ”
I finished smoking, threw the butt into the toilet and out of the toilet.
When I reached the doctor’s office, I knocked and went inside.
(And why should I not wait for the moment when the doctor himself comes to me? And anyway, why the hell didn’t shut himself up or shouted from the office that he was busy? Xhamster japan mom massage hidden camera.

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