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“Yup! One burg, no mayo, extra pickles and one root beer float with extra coconut sprinkles!” “Jesus, did you even listen to us?” Ash shot back.
He started counting off a series of fictitious errors on his fingers, and each made the peppy waitress deflate a little bit more. How does anal plug work.
“I said a lettuce bun, no pickles, and sweet potato fries on the side.
” “And I wanted a cherry cola float, and definitely no coconut sprinkles, ick!” she said, flicking the dusting of sprinkles that rested on top of her ice cream treat. Big boob lesbians kiss.
Truthfully, she adored coconut, but selling the bit was important.
but I.
” Lezlee sputtered, but Ash wouldn’t be stopped.
Nina laughed at this exchange, neither of the pair showing any particular mercy to the dim waitress. Utah sex cams.

“Alright, honey, listen, here’s what you do.
You go get your boss and explain to her how badly you fucked up.
Chop chop.
” It looked like Lezlee was thinking of doing just that.
But instead of clomp off to explain her apparent failures, her eyes welled up and she snivelled. Cum on my boobs.
The fun drained from the endeavour as the buxom blonde stood there and bawled her eyes out.
An older woman of maybe forty years stomped out from the door to the kitchen with a fire in her eyes.
She put herself in between Lezlee’s quivering form and the table where Nina and Ash were sitting, shielding the blubbering bimbo with her busty body. Busty hoe banged.
“What is the meaning of this?” the woman asked in a stern tone, her hands planted firmly on her hips.
The nametag said Zelda and she was clearly in more of a position of authority.
Though neither Nina nor her boyfriend particularly feared the wrath of a head waitress at some shitty diner.

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“Your waitress fucked up our orders,” Ash said, equally indigent.
“I guess she was too busy showing off her ass to remember that I ordered sweet potato fries, not regular fries.
And my girlfriend’s float is the wrong flavour!” Zelda wrapped her arms around the sobbing girl and whispered something into her ear. Who is rebecca loos dating.
Lezlee moped back to the kitchen and disappeared, leaving the three of them in a standoff.
Ash could tell this wasn’t the pushover that Lezlee would have likely been, but he stood his ground.
Why the hell would he be intimidated? Big cock large. “Listen,” he held out his hands to feign civility, dropping the intense displeasure from his voice.
“I’m just looking to have a meal here.
We’ll take this food, it looks fine.

But it wasn’t what we ordered. Free chat on men naked.
I hope you understand.
” Zelda raised an eyebrow.
“Oh? Hope I understand what?” “That the meal is.
that we won’t have to pay,” Nina clarified in a voice that was about a misplaced vowel short of cracking up. Amateur astronomy images.
It looked physically painful for her to keep a straight face through this fake outrage.
“We’re the customers, and the customers are a-always right.
” “I have a feeling that you’re not telling me something,” Zelda said. Who is lisa robertson dating.
A long, awkward moment dragged on as her eyes darted between the two of them.
But like the sun coming out after an overcast morning, a great big smile appeared on her pretty face.
“But, I suppose you’re right. Free girls to fuck hartford connecticut.

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