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My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I walked over to pick up the bag.
As I bent down to pick it up, I felt his hands on my hips and his hard-on pressing against the crease of my ass.
As I straightened up with his duffel in hand, he leaned in close and whispered huskily in my ear. Private phone sex and webcam.
I know what you’re wearing under this.
My cheeks nervously flushed even more.
And I love it.
I sighed in relief.
My goal was to tease him and make him want me, and judging by the bulge pressing against my ass cheeks, I think I succeeded. Asian granny creampie.
He slipped his hand under the hem of my shirt and up the exposed skin of my stomach to where the sheer lace hugged my body.
He slid his hand over the black material until his fingers found my nipple, barely covered and standing full and hard.

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The corset allowed a little extra friction when he ran his fingers back and forth across my nipples.
My previously damp panties were now completely soaked.
He drew away just in time as my fingers were loosening around the straps of the duffel bag and it was about to fall out of my hand. Kate upton hot nackt.
He held out one hand beside me and I passed off the duffel, waiting for whatever fun things he had planned.
Stay completely still, he whispered in my ear.
Then I heard the harsh grate of a zipper and the soft rustle of leather and cloth. Saralovex voyeur cam.
Something cool and soft swept across my eyes as he pulled my favorite scarf tight around my head and tied it off.
Better than any store-bought blindfold, this scarf blocked out all light, and it was soft and comfortable too. Zulu maiden showing bare butts porn gallery.
Without sight, I could hear clothes and plastic and metal being shoved around as he rifled through the duffel bag for something.

At the sound of a tiny metallic tinkling sound I knew exactly what he was searching for. Webcam xxx chat.
I couldn’t help the rush of moisture between my thighs as I heard him come closer.
I felt the cool, familiar piece of leather slide across my neck and I lifted my long hair to allow him buckle my collar around my neck. Girls bikini pool.
The 1-inch piece of black leather fit my neck perfectly, not tight enough to cut off air, but not loose enough for me to forget I’m wearing it.
He bought it for me as a Christmas present, blood red stitching stood out on the black background, and small silver studs spelled out my name along one side. Ncis porn pic abby.
This was his mark, an outward sign of our inner love and devotion to each other.

A sign of how much we’ve changed, and how much we are still the same.
We met when I was sixteen, and if I ever tried to tell sixteen-year-old me the kinds of things I would be doing at 21, sixteen-year-old me would probably drop dead. Dating sites stupid people.
With my collar now secured around my neck, I knew it wasn’t time for games anymore, at least, not my games.
With my collar on, no more disobedience, no more pushing boundaries, whatever little bit of control I had left was gone. Sexy girl cams.
He trailed his fingers along my neck, just above the edge of the collar and I shivered.
A stray thought wafted through my mind: I trust him.
Not just an I’ll-tell-you-secrets-because-you-won’t-tell-anyone kind of trust, or an I-know-I-can-call-him-any-time-and-he’ll-be-there kind of trust. Pantyhose feet blog.

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