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She tasted incredible on Debbie’s lips.
I wouldn’t have to wait long to taste her directly from the source.
I thought Karen was moments away from falling asleep between us.
With a sudden burst of energy, she was play wrestling Debbie. Sex dating in axtell kansas.
First, she pinned Debbie to the bed and kissed her.
Then she wrestled until she had both of Debbie’s legs lifted over her shoulders.
She tried to hold Debbie’s body up and taste her that way, but it was easier to slide down into a more comfortable position. Big boob bald milf.
She ended up on her knees with her face down between Debbie’s legs and her ass up in the air.
As soon as her tongue had pressed into Debbie’s folds, Debbie had given in and relaxed into the pleasure.
She caressed her fingers into Karen’s hair and held Karen’s head in place.

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She seemed torn between wanting to close her eyes and enjoy and wanting to watch every stroke of Karen’s tongue.
Either way, a blissful smile beamed from her face and she was lost in the moment.
I was torn as well. Ass pussy fat.
Karen was on her knees with her ass raised high.
Her pussy was spread wide open and it begged for attention.
I could not think of a way to get my face and my cock into her at the same time.
I settled for tasting her first. Adult sex cam.
She yelped when my tongue hit her lips, but then she reached back to spread her lips wider.
I quickly started teasing my tongue up and down her sensitive folds.
She tasted like sweet melons.
She pulled her hand back up and she pressed a couple of fingers into Debbie. Eilistraee best adult cam to cam.
Debbie cried out and begged for more.
I pushed a finger inside Karen.
First, she growled her approval, and then she also begged for more.

I hoped she was ready for more than she was begging for.
I moved into position and pressed my cock into her in one smooth stroke. Marlusa gay chat random.
She arched and pressed back hard as she exclaimed, “Oh fuck that’s good!” She reached back and grabbed the base of my cock and held me motionless deep inside.
Debbie’s eyes flew open and she grinned at the sight of me behind Karen.
“I can ask him to stop,” she teased.
“Don’t you fucking dare,” Karen answered back. Curvy milf selfshot nude.
They smiled at each other, and Debbie sat up to kiss Karen.
She smiled as the kiss ended.
“I like the way I taste on both of you,” she teased.
“I better make you cum so we can see how that tastes,” Karen replied. Symptoms after losing virginity.
Karen used her fingers on my cock to start a slow rhythm and I started to move in and out of her.

She let go, but I could tell the speed she wanted by the way she flexed her legs to draw me in.
She pressed her face and fingers back into Debbie, and she used the same speed to tease her. Sexiest webcam.
Debbie could not take her eyes off of the action.
She watched Karen’s tongue and the flex of Karen’s hips.
She watched the my hips rolling as I moved with Karen.
She watched my fingers as I teased them up and down Karen’s back. Jocalynn george teen nipples.
I leaned forward just a bit and I was able let my hands reach her legs as she held them open for Karen.
She nodded her approval.
Karen started thrusting faster with her tongue and fingers, and Debbie moaned in pleasure. Nude wife sleep cum.
Karen flexed her legs and I met her speed.

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