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Just before he put his cock back in me, he paused and savored the moment.
He massaged my ass cheeks and scratched my back.
His strong body pressed against mine.
He pinned my arms at my sides and held my head down, his breath hot on my neck.
“You love this, don’t you?” he whispered.
“You love being held down. Profilexxx free online sex chat room.
You’re so helpless.
I could do anything I want to you right now, and you couldn’t do a thing about it.
” He chuckled.
He balled my hair up in his fist and jerked my head back.
“I know you like having your hair pulled too.
” With my throat so exposed, he seized the opportunity to choke me again. Sex dating in beaufort south carolina.
He wrapped his arm around my neck, elbow pointing out.
He held me there for what seemed like hours, but I knew was only a few seconds.
He dropped me and pressed my face into the mattress.
He spread my pussy lips apart and his fingers prodded me.
“You’re so wet, you love this.
” Again, he slid his cock into me. Krystal jordan ass.

In this position my legs were closed and his cock felt even bigger than before.
He filled me up and fucked me with long, deep thrusts.
I had to grip the sheets to keep from being pushed off the bed.
My legs and arms were pinned under his weight. Gangbang girl interview.
I had no where to run, try as I might.
He spanked me as he pounded me.
I could feel my ass turning red, He took turns slapping each cheek.
His smacking accelerated, and the more I yelled out, the more he struck me. Lyukaya videochat sex online.
He switched me onto my back once more and I tightly wrapped my legs around him.
It was getting to the point where I could no longer take his assault on my pussy.
But I was a good girl; I let him fuck me as long as he pleased. Quiz dating skills.
It became too intense and started to hurt.
As if he read my mind, he fucked me faster and before I knew it, hot cum was pumping into me.
He emptied his load into my sore pussy, enjoying his own well-deserved orgasm. Xxx super women.
He slowly pulled out of me and wiped his cock on my belly, watching his cum leak onto the bed.

I was more than satisfied with the sex, relieved that he had finally shown mercy and stopped the pounding.
I knew I had been a good slut and pleasured him in all the right ways. Chinese gay site web.
He was panting hard and so was I.
I thought it was over, but before I knew it he pounced on me again.
His hand was back on my neck, squeezing lightly.
He didn’t press hard enough that I couldn’t breathe, but the threat ever present. Amateur twerking handjob penis cumshot.
I knew it would be worse if I misbehaved again.
He turned my face towards him with his other hand, tilting my chin up.
He spoke slowly and deliberately, like one would speak to a child.
“Now, if you ever challenge me again,” he paused and kissed my lips, “you’re gonna be sorry. Bollywood hard core sex kissing photo and.

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