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I could hardly believe what I was hearing.
“I’m serious, it’ll be fun.
Besides since the divorce, I haven’t gotten laid.
It’s been 9 months already.
I’m almost a virgin again.
” We laughed and chatted for the next hour making plans to surprise my husband. Sex slut in jingmen.
We both bought some sexy lingerie and thigh highs to make the evening perfect.
Two days passed and it was Chuck’s big day.
He woke up and rolled over and said “So, what cha get me for my birthday woman?” as he laughed pulling me closer with his strong muscular arms. Nitrogen fossils dating.
I just gave him a sly smile and unwrapped his arms from my waist.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out buddy.
Get your ass to work Mister.
The kids are going to my sister’s for the night and we’ll be all alone tonight.
” “Sounds interesting” “Yeah” I said, “and hurry home.

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We have reservations at 6 and after dinner, who knows.
” I said as I walked away and gave him a wink.
With that he went off to work and I ran straight to the phone to talk about the details with Lauren.
As the day passed the butterflies started fluttering away in my belly. Taboo webcam chatroom no sign up.
When he came home we went to dinner as planned.
I hinted during dinner that there was more when we got home.
I could hardly contain the excitement on the short ride home.
My pussy was so wet I started soaking through my lace panties. Micro bikini model photo.
When we got home I took his hand and pulled him to the bedroom and told him to get on the bed and get ready for his surprise as I got changed in the bathroom.

When I came out he was naked on the bed, one look at me in my thigh highs and push up corset, my hair down and flowing and I could see his cock jumping at attention. Meera jasmine pussy picture.
I started singing Happy Birthday to him as he reached out to pull me closer, I pulled out the handcuffs and cuffed him to the head board.
“Ha ha, you weren’t expecting that were you baby?” I said.
” Ha ha very funny, come on undo my hands and let me go. Asian lady from soul train.
I only want you for my birthday woman!” Just then Lauren opens the closet and said ” So I guess I should just go home then” His eyes almost popped out of his head as he got one look at her in her push up bra and crotchless panties. Summerkiss 1on1 webcam porn chat.

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