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He was hoping I would not spank him any more.
I had deliberately given him that hope, reeling him in, so he would be oh so thankful when it was over.
“Really? So how come you have an erection as well?” I stared at his penis. Young japan shemale sex.
He looked down, open mouthed, and back up at me, still open mouthed, still speechless.
We both looked at David as he was again squirming and gasping and crying, suffering as he continued to be soundly thrashed. Online hentai sim.
I looked at Ben and said sternly “We’ll go upstairs, to your old bedroom and discuss this in private” I said, grabbing his penis in my hand, and pulling towards the door.
He grabbed my hand and I stopped still, glaring at him. Japanes chat free using debit card sex chat.
His mouth gaped open again.
He looked at his Mother who had seen me pull him by his penis and smiled.

Ben went an even deeper red, scarlet almost, in embarrassment.
I doubted it was rage.
Not now.
“Remove your hand Ben. Super hot amature blonde teen porn.
” He did so, tears in his eyes, maybe from the indignity of being led by his penis or maybe still from the spanking.
Either way he wasn’t telling me what to do any more.
Not by a long way.
Now he knew which one of us was in charge. Deluxeboys flirty lines video livesex watch free.
“Put your hands on your head” I demanded to enforce my undoubted superiority.
Once he had done so I turned and led him by his penis across the room to his Mother who was still spanking David.
I held out the hairbrush.

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“Will you want this again?” I asked politely.
She looked up without stopping and said “no need.
You keep it dear.
” She looked back at David’s red bottom and continued to spank him.
“Thank you” I said, catching her eye again. Hot naked canadian boys.
She smiled and said “that’s ok dear, I can tell David’s erection has almost gone, but I will just take another few minutes to make sure.
You take care of Ben.
” “Oh I will, believe me I will.
” I tugged gently on Ben’s penis and he followed me out of the lounge and up the stairs, his hands still on his head. Dick cheneys daughter on waterboarding.
We went straight to his old bedroom.
“Get the rest of your clothes off Ben” I instructed.
He stood naked, hands still on his head, his penis still erect but less stiff than before, unsure what was going to happen. Gay tossers.

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