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“You can ask, doesn’t mean I have to answer,” he smiled back.
” Jenna said getting the hint that this guy like his privacy.
She moved on down the bar to her other customers.
As Jenna worked around the bar, she noticed the stranger kept an eye on her. Sandra bullock and ryan reynolds dating 2016.
She only noticed because she couldn’t keep her own eyes off him.
He ordered a few more beers and received another shot on the house as Jenna joined him, knocking one back herself.
“I figured you shouldn’t be celebrating whatever you’re celebrating by yourself,” she flirted. Free sexchat no sign up.
He winked at her, again, “Thanks for the drink, but I have to head out.
I have some old business to tend to.
If all works out, maybe I’ll stop back and see you.
” “You should do that.
” She smiled as she watched him walk out of the bar.

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Jenna shook her head at her useless flirting.
It was just harmless fun, so she thought.
Usually Jenna didn’t mind the short walk home, but tonight she had an uneasy feeling that she was being watched and followed. Cooking classes peterborough ontario.
She was pretty sure she heard footsteps behind her, yet when she looked there was no one there.
She shook her head, laughing to herself, she was just being paranoid.
All that money sitting at home was making her nervous. Hellporno big natural tits mom.
They had to put the money away somewhere safe soon or she’d go crazy.
As she approached home, the feeling that something was amiss grew stronger.

She rushed inside, locking the door quickly behind her.
“Mikey! Help wanted this evening looking to host. Are you home?” she yelled out as she ran into the bedroom.
“I think someone followed.
” She stopped short when she saw the guy she was flirting with at the bar standing over Mikey.
The room was in disarray and Mikey looked like his face was used as a punching bag.
“What’s going on? Ashantydyosa india sex chatting website. Mikey, are you okay?” she ran over to him, wiping at the blood seeping from his split lip.
“Well, well, well, what a little coincidence this is,” the handsome stranger smiled at her.
“Jenna, you should have stayed away. Cambodian sex workers.
Please, don’t hurt her.
” Mikey said in pain.
“I’m not going to hurt Jenna,” he gave her a friendly smile, “We’re kind of old friends, aren’t we.
” Mikey looked up at Jenna, “What’s he talking about?” “I don’t know, he was at the bar tonight. Naked guys socks tumblr.


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