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“I’m ashamed,” Rosa replied.
“But you wanted to,” I continued.
“Yes,” she agreed.

– Do you still want this? Rosa nodded.
– Should I call Pasha? Rose hugged me and whispered: – I love you very much.
After a pause for a minute, she added: – Yes, I guess I still want you to call him.
She smiled.
Oh, how she smiled! I went to the kitchen and made a hand sign to Pasha.
Together we went to Rosa.
She silently watched us.
I approached and gave her my hand.
“Let’s go to the bedroom, it’s more convenient there,” I said.
In the bedroom, we laid Rosa on the bed.
I kissed her face, neck, moving closer to her small ripe breasts.
And now her blouse was lying next to her, and I, slightly raising the back of his beloved, unbuttoned her bra.
At this time, Pasha, showered with kisses by the feet of our goddess, rose higher and higher.
She helped him take off her skirt and raised her pelvis when he pulled off her white panties.
(By the way, did I say that Rosa’s butt was rather narrow, but at the same time she had a pleasant bulge?) Pasha pressed her lips to her crotch, and I lobbed her nipples, stomach.
“So it’s not fair: I’m already naked, and you’re still in clothes,” Rosa whispered, “well, get up.”
Obediently, though against our will, we pulled back from Rosozkina’s body and began to undress, standing next to the bed.
Rosa sat down on the floor between us and put one hand to my dignity, still hidden by cowards, and the other to Pashin, also not yet naked.
Our guns visibly bulged under the cloth.
Rosa took hold of the underpants and pulled them down. Amateur teen cam masturbation.

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