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What kind of Sveta and why she was dragged, no questions.
Sveta knew everything.
There were even rumors that some of the teachers used it.

But it is unlikely.
If it comes up, there will be a big scandal with the dismissal of the entire leadership.
Again I remembered the hands of a teenager wandering under a skirt.
– I have not seen, but I still know.
They drag her every holiday.
I wonder how many men go through it at once? – And right now, we estimate.
– Nadya began to bend her fingers.
– Two went with her, then four more entered, then two more.
Yes, and Seregin with this friend of his, I do not remember what to call.
Total, at least ten, and maybe someone else will do.
– Seregin? – It seemed to me that I misheard.
– Well, yes and what? – Nothing, that’s me.
All right, stop eating, let’s go.
– I jumped up and flew out of the office.
Oh you bastard! – I thought.
First you paw me, and then you go fucking that whore Svetka? Stop.
Am I jealous? What do I care about this kid? Let him fuck anyone he wants.
What did I have to give him myself? “And why not?” – the inner voice whispered insidiously.
Stopping at the window, I continued the dialogue with myself, glancing at the toilet door.
– Well, what have you become there? Let’s go who’s next! Or am I leaving? – Svetkin came out a voice.
However, when I looked at her crotch, all my desire was gone.
There everything was covered with a layer of sperm.
She flowed down her thighs, dripping from an unopened vaginal hole on the floor and on Svetkina pants.
I understood why Mishka gave a condom, but even with him I didn’t want to approach her.
– No, I do not want something.
Probably drank a lot.
Go you
– I whispered to Mishka.
He looked at me blankly.
– True chtol? Well, as you wish.
– pulling the condom, he attached himself to her from behind, with a loud squish, starting to twitch, clinging to her ass.

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Looking at this, I turned and walked to the door.
In the corridor stood Anna Sergeyevna.
– Seregin, come here! – her voice did not bode well.
I went.
– What are you doing there? – Anna Sergeyevna.
Well, how to tell you.
This is a toilet.
what else can you do there? I could not say why I actually went there, and all the more so that I ran shamefully before I did so.
– Toilet, you say.
And what does Svetka do there? – Smokes.
Nothing else.
– C’mon, lie to you! What I do not know, what are you doing with her? And now you too? With her? – She stared into my eyes, not looking away.
– No, I did not.
– Do not lie! Everything went to the fact that I would have to confess what I did not do.
I was saved by a passing director.
– Anna Sergeyevna, leave him, let him rest.
Go, student, dance on – this is already me.
Delighted, I rushed to the stairs.
It is time to get out of here.
The second time I did not intend to fall Sergeyevna.
Let me go to Lyudka, she is at home, I will call to the entrance, let’s go round and round.
And then when I looked at Sergeyevna I got up again.
Interrogation Seregina broke.
And the devil brought the director at the wrong time! He already almost admitted! Nothing else will fall.
– Anna Sergeyevna – the voice of the leader came to me – Today the order has come, it also concerns you.
Come to me, I’ll show it to you.
Was he unable to come up with a better excuse? – I thought, following him.
Well this is necessary – to offer an order to read in the evening, on a holiday and drunk! Still need to be able to think of this! But now his desires completely coincide with mine, I really want to be fucked, no matter who.
Politely passing me to his office, he locked the door with a key and, without turning on the light, attacked me, searching for a zipper on the skirt.
Here is a skirt somewhere on the floor under your feet.
His hands scour the buttocks, glide over the hips, trying to pull off non-existent tights and panties.
Not finding them, he puts his hand between his legs and groping wet sponges there, makes sure that I do not have panties on.
This leads him into a state of wild excitement, he throws my stomach on the table

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and with a snarl breaks in from behind.
Well, I’m all wet.
It is pleasant to feel an excited man in himself, his head begins to cover with fog.
Through it, I feel a finger smearing something cool around the anus.
Oiled finger gently penetrates the ass.
It turns out.
Enters again, pushing the lubricant inwards.
It is even nice in combination with a member, sosuchimi in the hole just below.
However, on the edge of consciousness emerge some fears.
I remember how Tanka spoke about his love for anal.
Or maybe it will cost? I also had men who loved to just insert a finger, well, or two. Anal gape private.

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