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And what is, in fact, surprising? After all, since childhood I have been engaged in masturbation, the clitoris was very well accustomed to this.
My body was well aware of the sweetness of orgasm.
Therefore, during the intercourse, the clitoris and the body themselves began to strive for the usual ending for them.

However, we are distracted from what was happening in the car.
When I woke up from an orgasm, the dick continued to slip into the vagina.
And the testicles still slapped my ass.
But they stopped there to spank, although the member continued his movements.
My lack of slaps was very intriguing, I was keenly studying the changed situation.
At that time I didn’t know that just before orgasm in a man’s scrotum pulls up, it squeezes a lot, the testicles go to the groin so that there is a short way to release sperm.
The director moved and moved the member.
It was already physically somehow unpleasant for me after my orgasm, but I tolerated it.
Suddenly, he became a frequent member, almost immediately I felt with the vagina strong contractions under the barrel, then with a quick powerful spittle the sperm pushed into the bottom of the vagina, it immediately became warmer from the poured liquid.
It was then that I learned that sperm is always warmer than the moisture contained in the vagina during intercourse.
I do not remember exactly, but, in my opinion, there was also a second spit of sperm.

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Then the director fell silent on me and began to kiss on the lips.
I did not resist, and in gratitude for the pleasure delivered to me, I gently responded to these kisses, feeling the current vagina, as a member loses firmness.
It was our first, but not the last sexual intercourse with him.
The director kept his word and in February of the following year made me head of the department.
Of course, in the women’s team gossip and gossip.

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But I did not care about them.
I was quite happy with my new position and the fact that I have sex acts more or less regularly with a very skilled sex man, getting a fabulous orgasm in the final.
I did not plan my marriage at the age of 24.
But I really wanted to have normal sex.
And why should I deprive myself of this pleasure if an experienced man offered it to me? Loyalty to her future husband? Funny and stupid question, since I’m not a virgin.
Probably, that the director had a constant young mistress, they informed his wife.
Yet our relationship with him continued for almost three years, it was difficult for him to hide them in a small town.
Did he cheat on me? I do not know.
But, most likely, it was.
And more than once.
True, new workers in the organization did not appear.
But what prevented him from repeating sexual acts with those that were, without using his own bonus system, which everyone knew about in the organization, as payment for sex? I did not try to find out the whole truth, so as not to arouse his anger.
Satisfied with the fact that it was quite enough for sex on me.
And then he was promoted and transferred to the regional center.
And the new director did everything to get rid of me.
For the reason that I flatly refused to lie under it.
I was disgusted after a man whom I passionately loved with my body, which I did a lot for teaching sex, to surrender to someone else because of the animal of his male instinct. Anal web cam.

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